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Well here I am. Sitting pretty in my hotel room in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia. The hotel is a boutique hotel, and wouldn’t be out of place if it was located in West Hollywood.

Last night the bus from Saigon arrived at the Phnom Penh bus terminal, so caught a tuk tuk (no taxis in this part of the world) to the hotel. After checking in I told the manager I wanted to eat and inquired as to the whereabouts of restaurants. After giving me simple instructions, he gave me a big warning.

“It is not safe between 10pm and 5am, so be very careful”


As it was only 7.45 pm I figured it would be ok to walk. Fortunately I was close to the river so walked 5 minutes and was then right in the heart of the restaurant strip. Plenty of nightlife (including plenty of hookers), and plenty of restaurants.

Oh, and I saw the first she-males since I was in the Philippines in May. This is because I’ve been in Vietnam since then and have discovered that it is a super conservative country – lady boys don’t exist. Or if they do, they get sent to re-education camps, or shot! (Btw, if you’re a bit light on in the sense of humor department, that was actually a joke.)

Anyway I was only out and about for a couple of hours, and I arrived back at the hotel in one piece, and I didn’t get robbed or scammed.


The Biggest Scams Come From the West

Before going to bed I watched a video of an internet marketing guy. Someone had told me to watch it – they said the content would disturb me. And sure enough it was an eye opener. In fact it disgusted me.

Although I don’t personally know the guy behind the video I DO know the company he is promoting and therefore it is abundantly clear to me that the claims and promises he is making are a total fabrication.

The company in question is a good company – I’ve got no complaints with it. But it is very clear they have a rogue affiliate who has made a video full of lies. Even the testimonials of others talking about the income they’ve made are total BS. How do I know? They are paid actors, not actual affiliates.

Top of the Leader Boards

It gets worse.  The affiliate who produced these videos has been so successful  at conning unsuspecting folk into parting with their money, that he has won a succession of sales competitions sponsored by the company.

Fortunately the company has now discovered this and are in the process of terminating him.  But the damage has been done – perhaps hundreds of people have been scammed in the last few months alone.

A Sucker and His Money…..

Some people seem to have financial death wish.  It’s almost as if they WANT to give their money away to prove to themselves that you can;t make money online.  As the saying goes: ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’.

Look, you can buy into scammy videos and hype. Or you can align yourself with people who are authentic, real – and who actually tell the truth.

Craving Authenticity and Some Straight Shooting For a Change?

I KNOW my videos are kind of quiet and amateurish. And I guess some people don’t like them because I use conservative language and don’t promise anything that cannot be justified.

And it saddens me when I hear of people being ripped off by people who are thieves without any moral compass.

It’s up to you who you deal with, but at the very least do not join anything till you’ve spoken to the marketer on the phone, and gotten answers to some hard questions. If you feel they’re not being candid with you – run a mile.

Hope this helps.

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Your Regular Marketing Skinny #8

by Kim Willis on September 20, 2014

Your Regular Marketing Skinny

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