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If I Had My Time Over Again, Here’s What I Would Do (Critical Reading)

To make money online, list building is one of the key activities you need to do on a daily basis.

When I started promoting my current big ticket primary program in 2013, i already had an advantage. I had a list of people I could invite to take a look at the new program.

That resulted in commissions of $35k in less than 60 days. Since then I’ve earnt hundreds of thousand of dollars from that program alone. And my (small but responsive) list played an important part in that success.

But I could have made so much more. If only………..

If only I had a bigger list!

If I had been more diligent, more persistent and more focused on list building I KNOW I could easiliy have earned $500k or more in my first year. But I didn’t.

Not that I’m complaining, but the experience has brought the message home to me in dramatic form how important it is to build your list.

So what’s the easiest way of doing it?

Lead with a cheap or free offer first.

Knowing what I know now, that’s the NUMBER 1 change I would make if I had my time over again.

And certainly that’s the big change I’m promoting to them now.

That’s the way to go. You build your list faster, cheaper and with less fuss compared to promoting your main program directly.

Start your list building today

That’s the best advice I can give you. Even if you don’t yet have a primary program to promote, you should build your list anyway. And when you DO get into a big money making program, you’ll get off to a cracking start because you already have your ‘asset’ in place.

It’s a no brainer

Here’s your free lead system so you can get the ball rolling……

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Fish Soup For the Soul With Crudities

by Kim Willis on October 15, 2014

fish soup

 A Marketing Lesson That May Surprise You

Have you read a book called Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield? It became an international best seller due to its clever use of positive thinking mini stories, packaged in an easy to digest form. A bit like real chicken soup – tasty but inoffensive.

I do like positive thinking stories every now and again, but I’m not that into chicken soup. I find it tasty but kind of bland. On the other hand French style fish soup (soupe de poisson) is rather scrumptious.

But it’s not just the fish soup itself; it’s also the accompaniments………….

You get a bowl of aioli, a small dish of grated cheese, and another with chopped parsley, plus some croutons(which I call ‘crudities’ – lame joke). Add all of that to the fishy brew and you have the makings of a heavenly experience. Oops, nearly forgot – one other essential ingredient is fresh crusty French bread.

So last Saturday night I was craving another bowl of the stuff, so I made a beeline to my fav local French Resto – Bacoulos in Saigon – to get me a bowl. Upon arrival the place was jumping. Bruno, the French host (my new best friend) had invited a couple of wonderful guitarists to return and play some more gypsy jazz.   Real foot tapping stuff.

Check it out here:

Sure the video quality is not great, and the sound is a bit distorted, but you should get a sense that this is a fun place. (Notice the girl frenetically dancing? There’s a sub story about her but I’ll leave that for another time.)

I’ve been going to this resto for many months now, and over that time I’ve seen the customer numbers build and build. From as little as four customers for an entire Saturday night, to last Saturday night where a constant flow of people visited the place.

Here is why……

Bruno took over the running of the business earlier this year and has weaved his magic since then. He is a master of relationships who has transformed this restaurant into a home away from home for an ever growing throng of hungry customers. (Yes, that is Bruno doing some free form dancing towards the end of the video – he moves very well!)

One of Bruno’s skills is his ability to make people feel special. Little things like a free drink here and there, a pat on the back, a hug, and for his French pals a kiss on each cheek when greeting them. So Gallic, but a refreshing change for an uptight, upright Anglo like me.

I talk about attraction marketing a lot. To me it’s the special sauce (French of course) that really is the secret to my success. So the lesson for you is this:

• Be the hub
• Be the magnet
• Be the source

No matter what business you join, your success is inextricably linked to your ability to project energy, confidence and competence. I admit that in the early stages you may not have much competence. That’s understandable. I was the same, but I did have energy and I had a modest amount of self confidence. I figured that I would gain competence soon enough which is precisely what happened.

My friend Bruno may not have the foggiest idea how to make a fish soup but he sure knows how to make people feel good when they visit his establishment.

Translating that to the online home business world, and the objective is exactly the same: we want people to feel good when they spend money with us. That’s why I’m happy to talk to people when they phone me – I don’t just hide behind my laptop. I want to make them feel good about me, and the business they’re about to join. The human connection is vital.

Feel free to comment below.


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