Simple Formula For Online Home Business Success

by Kim Willis on November 26, 2015


Butterfly Marketers – Why They Always Fail

Some marketers are like butterflies.

They flit.

They flit from one biz opp or affiliate program to another, never staying long enough to be successful so they can enjoy the spoils.

Some of them try one or two things, and when it doesn’t work they give up.

But life and business don’t work like that.

There is no straight line to success.  More often than not it’s an up and down game.  We try something, it doesn’t work, so we take a different approach and try again.  And we keep trying till we get some traction and forward movement once again.

If after trying to make a strategy work and after several attempts it doesn’t work, put it to one side then revisit it in a few weeks or months.  It may shock you how many new insights and understandings you’ll receive.

Importantly we gain new insights into a topic just by hanging around it long enough. What wasn’t clear a year ago may be very clear now – I think they call it ‘having a light bulb moment’.

This is why it is foolish for people to flit from one project or business to another. They miss out on all of the wonderful insights that are waiting for them if they had just hung in there long enough.

The Ups and Downs of Home Business

Take a look at the graphic below.

I think it pretty much reflects the reality of business for entrepreneurs.  It’s an up and down existence.

jof of entrepreneurship

When people talk to me (they want to emulate my success), they are often surprised when I tell them it hasn’t always been plain sailing.  I’ve had my ups and downs, like everyone else (but hey I wouldn’t swap this way of life for anything!).   But the question I have is this: ‘why were they surprised?’  What were they expecting?  Straight line ‘onwards and upwards’ success?  Frankly their attitude reveals more about them than it does about me.  Perhaps it’s because they WANT to believe in fairy tales and pixie dust so they can fantasize about escaping the boredom, challenges and drudgery of their current life.

Take another look at the above graphic.

You can see that the trend is upwards but look at all the highs and lows along the way.  In my experience people are likely to quit when they hit one of the lows.  Yet if they had hung in there a bit longer they may have found themselves in the box seat for the next upswing.

Knowing this, why do they quit?

Lack of vision, lack of faith.

Simple Formula For Home Business Online Success

So the success formula for your business is this:

  1. Craft  a vision that is so strong that it gets your heart racing
  2. Rekindle your belief in the vision regularly – weekly is best

If your vision is strong enough you will not allow the cold winds to throw you off track.

Are you ready to fight for your vision?

Is it a vision worth fighting for?

Let’s hear about it – leave your comment below!

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Forget What People Say – Just Do It Anyway

by Kim Willis on November 25, 2015

Sady Brinson Quote Drives the Message Home

Sady Brinson is a wise person.  She must be because she came up with a great quote and that’s why I am featuring it on today’s video post.  It’s about striking out in a new direction – and to hell with what other people think or say about you.

This one is pithy, slightly amusing, and powerful.

Take a look.

If you like it be sure to share it.  Leave a comment below!


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