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Pull Marketing Formula

by Kim Willis on March 5, 2015

honey-pot-2-widePull Marketing. Attracting People to You – Like Bees to a Honey Pot!

If you run a home based business or are a big ticket affiliate marketer (not a nickel and dime ebook seller), or even a network marketer, you need to read this………

Most marketers use what I call Push Marketing. This is about approaching people about your product or business. Nothing wrong with that – it works. But there is a different way to do the business.

Use pull marketing instead.

Pull marketing is about attracting people to you. So rather than you approaching someone, get them to approach you. Mike Dillard, author of Magnetic Sponsoring, says it’s about becoming the hunted, NOT the hunter. Nice.

I’ve been using Pull Marketing techniques for 8 years. And what a difference it has made. No longer do I need to hustle and cajole. No more cold calls, no more massive rejection.

Sure you want to have plenty of leads to talk to. But on what basis? Do you want to be chasing people the rest of your life, or do you want to do it easier – and have more fun?

MLM Hell – Not the Way to Build a Business

I remember many years ago when I was a distributor with a big time MLM company, specializing in marketing weight loss products (guess which one I’m referring to!). I was living in London at the time, and sales had dropped a lot. Flyers and ads weren’t working. Warm market wasn’t working. So in desperation the command from on high went out – we had to approach people in the street! Ouch!

This included going to the tube (train) stations and accosting people as they got off the train. Talk about tough. Needless to say this approach was not successful. In fact, most people quit after doing it for a couple of days.

Compare this to pull marketing strategies. The prospect leans forward and approaches me. Love it!

Pull marketing is vastly different to old fashioned push marketing. Push marketing works on the basis that you push, push, push to win sales. It’s the old ‘hustle 2 step’. Step 1 is push to get an appointment to see the prospect. Step 2 is push to close the deal. This strategy works. But who can work the strategy?

Ten Thousand Leads – Thank to Pull Marketing Strategy

I live by Pull Marketing. And it has worked a treat. I have used it in my internet marketing business with great results, and have now generated well more than 10,000 INBOUND leads!

People seek me out all the time. Some people call it magnetic marketing or attraction marketing. Whatever. The bottom line is that if you can attract people to you, you won’t need to approach people (who usually have zero interest in what you are promoting) anymore.

So when you take this basic idea, and layer it with the power of the Internet to generate leads, you have a very potent program. Pull marketing works on the basis that you attract people to you – you don’t chase people. In fact if it is done right, they will sometimes chase you! It starts by generating a lead online.

From there we cultivate prospects with an auto responder email program. I also use other advanced techniques which you can learn about when you order my Free Report.

Network and Affiliate Marketing Leads – Flowing Like Wine

No need to tear your hair out worrying about not having enough leads for your business. Leads are everywhere! I generate leads from various sources such as:

  • Bing PPC
  • Facebook PPC
  • My Blogs
  • You Tube
  • Social media
  • Banner ads
  • Directories
  • Leads that I purchase from vendors

Take a look at my video for proof……..

Free Report – Pull Marketing Formula

 Get my Free Report called the Pull Marketing Formula.  You will learn how I get people to hunt me down, credit card in hand, almost begging me to sign up.


 Email Subject Lines to Improve Your Open Rates and Sales

It’s pretty simple.  If you increase your email open rates more people will read your message and all other things being equal, sales should also increase.  Obviously your email body copy needs to be well written, and the thing you are promoting (the offer) must resonate with your audience.

Recently I recorded a video tutorial showing a behind the scenes look at some of the subject lines I’ve written over the last 6 months.  (Note: I only recorded a screen view of subject lines to SOME of my subscribers – my total list is quite a bit bigger than what you see on this video)



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