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Your Regular Marketing Skinny #13

by Kim Willis on January 31, 2015

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Your Regular Marketing Skinny

To save you time, here is a summary of the best recent content items from my blog. Here it is:

1. Real Business or Fake Business?


2. How to Write a Potent Email


3. Conversion Secrets For Internet Marketers: Convert More Leads Into Sales


4. Paid Traffic Versus Free Traffic


5. 6 Steps to Finding Profitable Affiliate Niches


6. Daegan Smith Reveals His “Paid Media Secrets”


7. Difference Between an Amateur and a Pro



How I Create Content For My Blog

by Kim Willis on January 29, 2015

Simple Way to Create Content For Your Blog

This video shows how I research and create content for my blog. This particular blog post is about an Australian entrepreneur by the name of Peter Sun who owns a company called Better Business Institute.

Creating content is not difficult.  It’s simply a process, a step by step process that is do-able for most people.

If you’re doing a review style article you will need to do your research and then simply extract the key points from your research and include them in your article.  Flesh out each point with commentary and other information.  Once done you can include your money link at the bottom.


All up it might take you three hours

For other types of articles such as a ‘top 3 tips’ style articles you can probably research and write one of those in under an hour.

Good luck!


O Desk Back Office View For Budding Outsourcers

January 28, 2015

How Internet Marketers Can Use O Desk to Get More Done Should marketers use an outsourcing platform like O Desk to improve their prioductivity.  Probably, but there are traps and pitfalls. So I recorded an instructional video which shows my O Desk back office.  Some good tips here….. I’ve also discussed this topic on another […]

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Wealthy Affiliate Scam

January 27, 2015

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? Wealthy Affiliate is a training company with a membership program.  By joining WA you will learn lots of strategies and tips on how to find customers for digital products like e books (via Clickbank and JZ Zoo) and physical products like sporting equipment (via Amazon). Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam. […]

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Making the Jump from Traffic to Sales

January 22, 2015

Converting Traffic to Sales the Name of the Game This week I’ve been writing about Media Buys, but of course traffic represents only one piece of the jigsaw puzzle.   Today I want to talk about my favorite topic – conversions. One of the biggest blinders that hold people back in online marketing is the […]

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Pre Sell Pages – a Great Way to Win Customers

January 22, 2015

Grow Your Sales With Pre-Sell Pages Pre sell pages can work well.  They offer the following advantages: 1. Educates potential customers about your proposition 2. Instils belief in the minds of doubting and suspicious prospects 3. Builds a relationship with you, before they buy 4.  Offers a non threatening way to evaluate an offer, without […]

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Fail-Safe Tips for Effective Media Buying

January 21, 2015

Effective Media Buying – Some Fail Safe Tips For You Before I start this post take a quick peek at my last post on the topic of Media Buys Media Buys (buying packages of ad space) can be a great way to help grow your business.  Finding the right place to advertise will open up […]

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What Media Buys Are and How They Work

January 20, 2015

Media Buys to Ramp Up Traffic and Sales “Media Buys” is a term you’ll often hear in marketing circles.  They are widely used, yet some people still don’t understand what they are.  To put it as simply as possible, a media buy is basically advertising space purchased on some sort of media, like a website […]

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Brendon Black Interviews Me

January 19, 2015

Last week I got interviewed for forty minutes by former radio announcer Brendon Black.  Brendon is a busy guy and has now added  internet marketing to his impressive resume. When Brendon does an interview normally it lasts for 20 minutes, but because he found the one he did with me so valuable he decided not […]

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How to Get Content Ranked in Less Than 30 Days Without Any Backlinks

January 15, 2015

  A Simple Free Way to Get Traffic and Leads Without Using Tricky Techniques Before Christmas I created some content with a blog I own.  The content was a basic review of an Australian make money guru called Peter Sun and Better Business Institute, which is his company. To cut a long story short that […]

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