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How to Write a Potent Email

by Kim Willis on December 22, 2014

How to Write an Email That Connects With Your Audience (Live Over the Shoulder Demo)


Real Business or Fake Business?

by Kim Willis on December 22, 2014

fake business

Shiny Objects Syndrome and the Phony Business Phenomenon

Time to fess up.  You’ve been chasing quick money.  You’ve joined various make money programs in the forlorn hope that ‘this one is different’ and WILL deliver a cash bonanza.

How’s that working for ya?

Not so good, eh?

I started writing about this topic in a post titled Wanna Get Rich Online? about a month ago.  After writing that article I wondered if I was wasting my time for the simple reason that most people want easy ways to make money.  They always seem to overestimate how easy it is, and how quickly they can make money.  Because their mental settings are completely wrong, these people almost NEVER make money (indeed they usually lose plenty).

We call it the ‘bright shiny object syndrome’ – there’s always another hot deal around the corner.  The Lure of the New is another way of looking at.  I get it that people love new deals, but if they haven’t made any money from the previous (and current) deals why will it be any different this time?

Which  brings me to my question of the month:

Are You Fed Up Trying Different Shiny Objects and Now Ready to Finally Get On the Right Track?

Good, let’s get cracking.

Why Do People Join Fake Businesses?

Here it is:  people are attracted to fake businesses by the boat load for a couple of reasons, one of which is greed – the lure of easy money.  And the fact is that easy sells.  People love easy – they’re attracted to it like bees to a honey pot.  Easy sells as any marketer will tell you.  But when it comes to promoting a make money program, the promoters are doing you a big disservice.  Because the reality is that making money is never easy.  It’s always a bit of a grind, particularly if you are new and don’t have a brand or a list.

And you know something?  After they have jumped from one deal to another they STILL haven’t created ANYTHING of value.  They haven’t developed a brand, they haven’t become influencers or mavens, and they haven’t developed any products of their own.

A Confession:

Have I joined business opportunities that were shouting the easy pitch from the rooftops?  Yes, for sure.  But here is where it was different for me.  In the last 5 years I have treated any new program as an add on to what I was already doing,  and I was not under any illusion that it was going to be easy.  In fact I assumed it was going to be hard and adjusted my expectations accordingly.

Here is another thing I did:  I kept building my personal brand.  I kept doing the things that all good marketers do – relentlessly, consistently.  Things like this blog and my you tube channel.  I did it because I wanted to build an audience of fans who would continue to follow me irrespective of what product or opportunity I was promoting.


Should we point the finger at the promoters or at us for allowing ourselves to be sucked in?  Well there is no doubt that there are some scammy marketers out there, but the fact is that they would not exist if there wasn’t an audience for their sales pitch.  In other words if people stopped responding to their offers, they would cease to exist.  So the question I have for you is this:

What is it about you that attracts you to the get rich sales pitches?

Is it because you have a lust for instant gratification?  Is it because you think that just because it’s the internet that the normal rules of business (build a brand, have real products, attract and retain customers, build your business assets, and create sustainable income streams) are null and void?

Easy Peasy?  No It Ain’t

One of the big reasons why people get attracted to fake businesses is that they want easy, not hard.  This is completely understandable,  in fact we are taught that it’s a good thing to look for easier ways to get a given job done.  That’s why we use tools to make us more productive.  But when it comes to making money it is NEVER easy.  And anyone who thinks that it’s easier to make money online than offline, is deluding themselves.

Making money online is NOT easier, just more convenient.    That’s the reality.  So the question you should ask should NOT be ‘Is it easy?’, but ask this instead, ‘Is it worthwhile?’  Yes making money and building a sustainable business is hard, but look at it this way: so is poverty.  My advise is to accept the fact it’s going to be hard and get on with it.

How to Recognise a Fake Business

First step on the right track is to learn how to tell the difference between a fake business and a real one.  Most newbies don’t have a clue about this, so let me illuminate you…..

1. Fake Products

A fake business will often have fake products – an excuse for a product.  Sometimes they do it because it helps them appear to be legal.  One example I can think of is an information products business I am familiar with that charges up to $20,000 as a buy in.  Guess how much the commission is if someone buys it?  Yep, it’s $20k!  Mmm, methinks with a 100 per cent commission that there’s not much value in the product.

2. Scammy Sales Pitch

If the deal is so good why do they have to make ridiculous claims that in no way can be justified?  It’s better to avoid this type of promotion, or if you do watch one of these presentations, write down the key points and in the cold light of day review them again – without your rose colored glasses.

3. No Market For the Products

Some companies put in the effort to create real products, but fail the market test – there is no market for them.  Sales still get made because more emphasis is given to selling the business opportunity, but sooner or later market reality will catch up with them.  Without real consumers who actually use the products the business will ultimately fail.

4. Zero Ability to Build Your Own Online Assets

Even though I have marketed other people’s products for 8 years I’m under no illusions – I have no equity in these products.  Ultimately you will want to develop your own products.

5. Little or No Recurring Income

Recurring income happens when you have either consumable products that people will buy again and again.  Other than the obvious examples such as food and other tangible consumables it can also include info products – people buy a training product for instance, and then buy more training products after they have ‘consumed’ the last one.

Are You Fed Up Trying Different Shiny Objects and Now Ready to Finally Get On the Right Track?

Here is THAT question again.  I asked it in the first section of this post because I wanted to prime you for it.  And now it needs to be answered.

At this juncture most people who started reading this blog post have turned off and clicked off.  Why?  Because what I’m writing about doesn’t have sizzle and I don’t talk about easy.   I know there’s a smaller audience for my message but the fact of the matter is that my approach works.  Here is what I do:

1. I Build My Brand and My Authority

2. I Build My Online Assets

Traffic is NOT the Problem

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – traffic is not the issue.  What you do with the traffic after it visits your website IS the issue.  Or to put it another way – the problem is conversions.

This is why I can buy traffic from one source and make money from it, whilst someone else will do the same thing and get zero results.  How come?  Do you think that just maybe it might be because I have more authority and market presence (a brand) than you?  Keep this in mind – even if I am selling someone else’s products as an affiliate I always make sure that people are exposed to my brand – my blog, my videos, and my emails.

One of the secrets to my success (and the reason why I spend less on advertising then most others) is because of my brand and the authority that goes with it.

But the hucksters will never tell you that – the message doesn’t sell.  They’d rather pitch the latest miracle list building software, a hot traffic source, a super secret ninja email system.  Whatever.  The fact remains that without authority you will always find it harder to make sales compared to someone who has it.  Months and years can elapse whilst you chase these ‘easy’ methods, yet you still haven’t made any real and sustainable money, and you still don’t have a an influencer business

 What a Real Business Looks Like

To finally make money online a change is required.  Firstly you’re gonna need to stop thinking about money all the time.  Instead take the focus away from you and put it where it belongs – customers, markets, brands and products.  Anyway, other than that you need to have the following things in place:

  • You have clearly identified your point of difference – your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  • You meet real needs in the marketplace (your niche)
  • Your niche is comprised of many people that constitute a ‘starving crowd’
  • You sell real products that make people better off with them than without them
  • At least one of your products is priced ABOVE $1,000, because you will never attain financial riches without big ticket sales
  • You have a real website with real content.
  • You have a traffic and lead-generating system in place which regularly attracts people who NEED what you have, to your website or blog.
  • You MUST be prepared to engage with people – the days of thinking you can make money online without any form of human engagement are over.

So the question is: are you building a real business or a fake one?

Join a Real Business and Coached By a Real Success Story






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