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15 Ways to Build Authority on Facebook

How to Build Authority On Facebook (Or Anywhere You Want)authority positioning

So my latest blog post is superficially about Facebook.  But in reality, you could adapt then adopt many of the strategies.

And gain authority on other platforms too.  Why is authority important?  Because it will enhance your credibility which is a prerequisite for long success, both offline and online.

The bottom line?

You want more leads, and you want those leads to convert, right?  Of course.  So read this post and see what the pros are doing.

The following is a summary of a series of 15 videos I recorded on this topic: How to Use Facebook to Build Your Authority, Your Brand, and Your Credibility.  Take a look at the list I’ve assembled for you here.  Enjoy!

1). Rejig Your Facebook Wall

Many Facebook walls are what I call ‘dead walls.’  If you’re using Facebook as a way to generate leads, your wall must be vibrant – alive.  So you need Likes, Shares, and of course, Comments.  You can also take it a step further and encourage people to post on your wall, as long as it’s not spam.  The Point?  Make your wall as a showcase for you.

2). Write a Facebook Note

A Facebook Note is an alternative to a blog post.  It’s an ideal platform for long copy content.  Since they upgraded it you can now bold your headlines and sub-heads as well as change the point size of the text.  Other enhancements include the ability to break up text, by using bullets points, etc.  Unlike a little Facebook post, a Facebook Note can offer a traffic benefit – the search engines may rank your Note.  Try it.

3). Facebook Live

Despite the fact that Facebook has recently downgraded display rates for Facebook Live videos (due to a myriad of poor quality Live videos leading to a reduction in the user experience), FB Live is still a powerful way to build authority.  Here is my quick video on the topic:

4). Join and Be Active in Groups

Despite the fact that the majority of Facebook Groups are spam fests, there are still plenty of quality groups in the home business, affiliate marketing, network marketing space. One such group is my group called Simple Online Success group.  It’s a genuine discussion and learning group – no spam allowed.  The way to use a group is to focus on contribution as your guiding philosophy.  You contribute by posting helpful and valuable content and doing the same thing by way of comments on other people’s posts.

You can join Simple Online Success here.

5).  Start Your Own Group

A natural extension of the ‘join groups’ strategy is to create a group.  But there is a catch.  For starters, it will require a commitment to manage and promote the group on a daily basis.  Getting people to join your group is not that hard, but getting engagement happening can be daunting.  If you join my Simple Online Success group, you’ll see a lot of engagement for what is a relatively new group.  How did it happen so fast?  There are many ways to do it, but you should build the foundation this way:

  1. Add the right people to your group
  2. Prime new members to be active in the group
  3. Lead the way by posting quality content every day

6). Write Authority Posts

Well, yes.  This one is fundamental.  It’s a given that your personal profile wall will become your marketing hub (not a fan/business page).  Therefore, it becomes hugely important to use your wall as an authority booster.  One of the primary ways is to publish credibility boosting posts, in text or video form – or both.  If you have no previous success to draw on, simply share tips and ideas you’ve learned elsewhere.  Even though the ideas shared are not yours, the mere fact you’ve shared them will ensure that some authority will rub off on you.  The final point I want to make is about frequency and consistency.  You need to post at least one authority boosting post a day, and you should do it consistently.  Day in, day out you have to adhere to a consistent posting regimen.

7). Write Authority Building Comments

Writing authority building posts and comments are vital.  How to do it?  Watch my short video and learn:

8). Share Your Wins

When you have a win in your business, make sure you tell people about it.  It’s not bragging it is about giving people some confidence that your product or opportunity works – and you are living proof that it does.  If you don’t yet have any success, borrow other people’s success stories and share them on your wall.

9). Get Others to Say Nice Things About You

To do this, you’ll need to have an open wall.  That is, you give people the freedom to post on your wall.  If your wall is closed, go to Settings and open it up.  Encourage your Facebook friends to thank you for help you gave them.   Even if your friends wish you happy birthday as a post, it sends the right signals to those who are watching.  One way to encourage people to post on your wall is to set the example by posting on your friend’s walls.  People tend to follow the leader.

10). Write a Report and Promote it on Facebook

This tip takes some time but is well worth it.  A report doesn’t need to be a long winded item.  Even a 2-page report can brand you as an authority.  Pick a topic that you know will interest your target market.  Once you’ve completed the report, promote it on your Facebook wall.  Another option is also to promote it in FB groups.  Rather than give them a link to the report in your post, it is better to get them to request the report.  A technique I use is to ask them to ‘ping me.’  By using this approach, I flush out interested people that I can dialogue with.

11). Get Interviewed

This tip may sound advanced and even daunting, but it’s not that hard.  Watch my short video and learn how to do it:

12).  Interview Someone

If you can’t get someone to interview you, you should consider interviewing other people.  Look for people who have achieved some success, and have something worthwhile to say. Ask them to share the interview with their audience so you can have a multiplier effect working in your favor.

13). Write a Book

Similar to the ‘report’ idea, you could write an e-book.  E-books take longer to write than a report but offer the advantage of more influence and credibility.  The book-length could be anything from 20 – 60 pages.  The first book I wrote was 52 pages.  That book has helped me gain more credibility, but I’ve also used it as a lead magnet to generate hundreds of leads.

14). Create a Fan/Business Page

Although you don’t need a fan page to prosper n Facebook, from an authority building point of view, there are advantages.  What are they?  Watch my short video: 

15). Boost Your Posts 

If you’ve followed my previous tip, the next step is to promote your posts with Facebook ads.  This strategy will help expand your reach whilst adding to your credibility and authority at the same time.   It goes without saying that your posts should mainly be valuable and non-promotional.

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