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21 Ways to Build a Cult Following For Your Business. Part 1

WAY 1. Push Back

Many people love to push back against the traditional way of doing things. You can set yourself apart from the norm by articulating a clear difference between your cult (business or otherwise) and the status quo. See yourself as an agent of change, a provocateur, and a maverick.

Where is my quick video on this tip:

WAY 2. Multipliers

If you want to grow your cult fast, plug into leaders who already have networks in place. These are the influencers who drive the growth of every successful tribe, sect, and cult. If they get excited about your idea, they will embrace it and share the good news with their tribe.

WAY 3. Limited Access

To thrive in the cult building arena, you should limit membership to your group. Create a barrier to entry in the form of a higher price, an application form, or some other device. Don’t make the barrier to entry too high, or it might scare off worthy people from joining. But the key is to create the perception that your group is exclusive, special and unique.

WAY 4. Ideology

Your ideology represents a clear belief system that covers the principles and values that form the foundation of your movement. It is vital that all new participants understand your creed and embrace it from Day 1.

WAY 5. Share the Love

This is a technique where the recruiter showers new members or customers with warmth, affection, and love. Let them know that you appreciate them and make them feel right at home in your tribe.

21 Ways To Build a Cult Following For Your Business

WAY 6. Separation

The best cults foster a feeling of ‘apartness.’ A church I was involved promoted the idea of being ‘in the world, but not of it.’ It was one of the techniques they used to galvanize members to adhere to the church ideology.

This completes Part 1 – the first 6 ways.  Look out for Part 2 soon.


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