21 Ways to Build a Cult Following (For Your Business). Part 2 - Internet Marketing From Home

21 Ways to Build a Cult Following (For Your Business). Part 2

WAY 7. Sense of Self

The paradox of successful cults is that one of the reasons people join it is that they are made to feel individual and distinctive. This is despite the fact they have joined a group that promotes a particular worldview. It can be a juggling act to convince members they are unique on the one hand but need to be highly conformist on the other. Good luck with it!

WAY 8. Deception

The word ‘deception’ often conjures a negative scenario. People think it is unethical and immoral. But the reality is that EVERYONE uses deception in one form or another. All I’m doing is calling it out so we can stop the pretending once and for all. So, when building your cult or tribe, you will need to practice the fine art of deception in all its forms. Providing your ultimate purpose is worthy, what’s the problem?

WAY 9. Pick a Fight

A natural extension of the pushback technique (Way 1) is Pick a Fight. Identify the ‘enemy,’ then launch an all-out assault on it. Examples from the commercial world abound. Network marketing companies rail against the evils of working for ‘the man,’ Apple computers took on the PC world with their Macintosh system (They ran super effective TV and print ads during the launch period.) To make it work you need to follow a few steps:

– Develop a crystal clear picture of your brand, product or service. What sets it apart?
– Articulate the differences with a unique language, ideology, mission and purpose
– Develop a war plan and aggressively take the message to the marketplace.

WAY 10. Thought Reform

You cannot effect profound and lasting change without thought reform. It starts with you, and once you’ve got total clarity about your mission, your job is to enroll others in your quest. To make it work your followers need to abandon old ways of thinking (and doing). Why? Old ways of thinking got them to where they are now. Nothing less than a revolutionary way of looking at the world will do!

11. Solidarity and Community

Tribes and cults work best when the members galvanize around a common purpose and mission. But you should also foster a sense of belonging to something that is bigger than them.

When it happens, members will get excited and evangelize on your behalf, thereby growing the group for you.


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