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8 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Home Business

how to stay motivated

So It’s Monday. I Couldn’t Give a Shit

It’s Monday. I couldn’t give a shit
Some days I just don’t feel like working.  Yeah, it’s true.  Even after almost ten years online I still get those feelings
– No motivation
– No inspiration
– I’ve got the blahs
Today was like that.  One of the biggest tests you will face when working from home is this: getting started each day. Even when you don’t feel like it.
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve woken up and NOT felt like working. If I was to guess, I reckon it would be at least five hundred times over the last ten years.
But here’s the thing:
I never succumb (exception: illness etc.)
I mention this because I have a theory that one of the big reasons why people fail is because they fall prey to distractions and temptations. And it starts each morning when you wake up.
If you don’t start the day productively, it can easily be a downward spiral from there.  So, here are eight (somewhat irreverent) ways to overcome the blahs……

8 Ways to Stay Motivated and Get into Action

Way 1 – Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

bright eyed
If you’re a ‘morning person’ the right approach for you is to hit the ground running, even if you’re feeling down. From the moment you get out of bed, nothing less than total commitment will do.  My late grandma was like that.
A morning person for sure, she would bounce out of bed and be in overdrive for the rest of the day.  Frankly, it wore me out just watching her.  Not that she was super physical, she was just ‘bright’ from the time she opened her eyes.
Even if you’re depressed put on your happy face anyway.  It’s in your DNA.

 Way 2 – Start Slow

I start slow every morning.  I assume the persona of a giant slug.  As I drag myself into the lounge room I only have two thoughts:

 – What’s for breakfast?
– Do I have to work today?
Don’t get me wrong, most of the time I love my work, but I still get those bad thoughts, and they usually happen when I wake up.
That said, within half an hour or so I’m ready to get into action.  That is assuming that I didn’t have a late night.
However, from time to time I slip into a negative phase.  When that happens I finish my morning rituals; then I’ll pick some simple tasks first. From there I’ll step up to the higher level jobs. Within an hour or so, I’m hot to trot once again.
Try it! 

Way 3 – Kick the Cat


Well not literally.  I happen to love cats, so if I get wind of you mistreating an animal, I will hunt you down and garotte you.  But the point is that if you can’t get motivated, you either get angry with yourself or someone else.

I think it’s preferable to give yourself the old heave ho – after all, you’re the one who got you into this mess, right?  But if you can’t stomach a bit of good old fashioned masochism, some mild sadism could do the trick for you.  So you’re a psychopath.  I know that already – that’s why I don’t like you.

Way 4 – Run Around Like a Banshee

 As legend would have it, Banshee Indians are a crazy bunch of mothers.  You only have to watch the tv show of the same name to understand that.  Very physical.

But the point is that a physical approach can work, even if it comes in short bursts.  So here is what you do.  You run around the house, the yard, the block.  That should get your adrenals working nicely.
Keep in mind that there is a close link between your mental and physical state.  So doing something physical will feed brain stimulating chemicals into your blood stream.  A perfect way to move beyond inertia and apathy. - banner final

 Way 5 – A Punch In the Face

mike tyson

This is one of my favs.  I use it as a last resort, but it does work.  What is it?  I get angry with myself.  I give myself a good talking to. In fact, I have been known to punch myself in the head.  Many, many times. Don’t believe me?  Just ask my wife.  Oops, you can’t.  She died five years ago.  Nevertheless, the point is valid.
Ok so I’m a whack job, but you get the picture, right?

Way 6 – Goo-Roo Time

Talk to your guru.  Yes, and why not?  Why not indeed.  So if you have a mentor, a sponsor or a coach – hop on the phone and have a good old chin wag.  She will set you right.  Pretty soon you’ll be into action mode and wonder what all the fuss was about.

Way 7 – Take Drugs (Or Have a Ciggie and a Cuppa)

bad habits

Name your poison; that’s what I say.  Not that I take drugs, smoke, or drink in the mornings. No siree.  I’m a clean liver with a healthy liver. But you may be different, so if burning through a packet of fags in an hour (is that possible?) floats your motivational boat, well, puff away.

On further reflection disregard all of that.  Perhaps a couple of cups of coffee is all you need.

Way 8 – Start Yacking

Yackety yack, don’t look back.  Other than talking to your guru, why not pick up the phone and talk to some leads?  I used to do that – and it worked a treat.  Sure, I was hopeless for the first few calls.
But then the adrenaline kicked in, I’d get my mojo back, and all was good with the world, once again.

The Washup

Yes, it was tongue in cheek.  Sometimes it’s good to lighten up a bit and just have a little bit of fun.  But if you think about it, each of the points makes sense.  There is truth here.  Trust me.

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Have you used solo ads before and if so what were your results?
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16 thoughts on “8 Simple Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Home Business”

  1. What a fun post Kim!
    I love waking up and easing into my day. It’s the time where my brain is most creative, so I yack with my hubby and business partner over 2 cups of java about business ideas.
    Yea…I’m an addict to business but hey, it is something I love doing. After that the computers are going as the dogs are trying to get our attention…but they know better lol.
    Then time to shake those cobwebs out of my head because I start to wind down and don’t give a shit about what’s on my screen. So going for a walk on the beach clears my head.
    When I come back, I’m all clear and motivated once again.
    But that’s how I roll…Everyone is different, but the thing is to find ways to keep ourselves motivated.

    • Hi Donna
      Yes, I think doing something physical is a great strategy – it gets the juices going
      Like you, I have a lot going on now, so generally even I’m tired and don’t feel like working, I have to do it anyway. Too many people depending on me now!
      But as you say, we all have our own getting started routines

  2. Hi Kim,
    Phew – you had me worried there…. I thought I was going to have to garotte YOU for kicking the cat!! But I kinda thought the cat (and you) were safe.
    Well, no chance of me showing up early in the morning. Everyone I care about knows not to even think of contacting me before 10am, by which time I’ve poured a coffee into myself and done the minimum of chores that an undomesticated person like me can get away with.
    Yep – slow start for me.
    But I read in a Time Management book that if you just start a job, and tell yourself you “only have to do 5 minutes”, once woken up, the brain is programmed to want to finish whatever task you started. It really works – I have even cleaned the kitchen using that technique (but not often).
    Currently I have a big annual job on for an offline client when I’d much rather be working on my online business. But I promise myself that if I do “n” hours on the offline job, I can do my online work after that. And once I get “into” the offline job, I actually get engrossed in it.
    So that’s my top tip – just do five minutes, and the five hours will follow 🙂
    Solo-ads? Hmmm, tried them but not cracked the formula yet – or the squeeze page. Not sure which, but one of them needs improving!
    Joy – Blogging After Dark

    • ha ha, that’s good, Joy
      I like the point about the 5-minute’ technique – do the 5 minutes and the 5 hours will follow. Yes, we work well with deadlines and obligations. That’s one of the reasons I often scheduled appointments in the morning. If I had a locked in commitment, I HAD to lift my game and perform – even if I didn’t feel like it.
      The other point you made about your offline client is also worth mentioning. Even if the work is mundane if we just make a start, we’ll soon get into the groove. That’s the point when it won’t seem so mundane anymore. It’s a bit like cooking. I hate cooking, but 5 minutes after I’ve started it doesn’t seem so bad anymore. I still hate it, but just a little bit less!
      We’re funny creatures aren’t we Joy?

  3. Hey Kim,
    While handling the business from the home, it’s quite hard to stay motivated. I like the idea of running. I do the workout in the morning which boosts my energy and the mood.
    Talking to your guru may be something I can’t consider because there is no guru yet. But I have my friend who keeps me motivated.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Have a great day.

  4. Hey Kim, love the kitty! And what a cracker of a headline. You’ve certainly made Mondays more enjoyable. I’m not an early bird. This morning I started work at 7am. I wanted a nap at 10am, it felt like 5pm. The joys of working for yourself mean you can chose your hours, and if Monday is a crap day start work on Tuesday 🙂

  5. I soooo needed this shake-up today Kim. Been screwing around with non-productive (but necessary) crap all day.
    Luckily, there’s still a few hours in the day to get my “a into g”.
    Now … where’s that bloody cat?

    • Thanks Johno
      Staying motivated is a key issue for us folk in the home biz space. I guess it is for everyone, but working from home is more solitary. When left to our own thoughts the effects of self-sabotage can be harmful!
      Thanks mate

  6. Hi Kim,
    Just loved this post and the image you used for option 7 is a classic.
    Maybe you change over time because I recall always being a great early morning starter and yes, like your grandma, I’d have driven you crazy all day long.
    I really don’t know where all that energy came from or more importantly, where it’s gone now.
    These days I prefer to start slow just as long as my daily “do this today” list is next to my bed.
    After I check that out I sometimes try meditating – people swear by this but I’ve never quite crasked the code about how to do this.
    I’m still an early riser around 5am as I prefer to get my exercise before it gets to darn hot here in my Thai village.
    This is really what gets me started as I always listen to mp3’s with personal development tor gurus like you whilst I’m exercising – and always without fail I’m mentally energized and raring to go (even if I’m also hot, wet and exhausted physically)
    Great post and lots of fun
    Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer

    • Hi Peter
      So you’re still an early riser – 5am? No way!
      I tried meditation but got bored. You say people swear by it, but I’m more inclined to swear at it. Blame it on short attention span. Not into navel gazing. Interestingly, my youngest son is big on it. Go figure.
      When I first got started in my home business i used to listen to mp3 of other marketers. I always found it motivating. Today it’s a bit different. Now, I get a great deal of motivation from chatting to interesting people on FB and Twitter. Always gets my juices going
      We’re always evolving
      Thanks Peter

  7. Isn’t that truth about easily being distracted Kim!
    That’s why it’s equally important, to have not only a DMO (Daily Mode Of Operation),
    but an overall game plan as well.
    Sure, who doesn’t temporarily get off track from time to time?
    But when we do, it’s important to know what and where the final destination is!
    And you provided more than enough stimulus, of all kinds I might add!
    To make darn sure, we can quickly recover and get back on track asap!
    Otherwise, more times than not, the distractions win!

    • Good one, Mark!
      We need a DMO
      I’ve got one – it’s a Tasks Checklist. So each day I check off the tasks. If I didn’t have that checklist I’d easily get off track

  8. Love that post, Kim. I’m afraid I’m one of those annoying 5 am people who does his best stuff when the world is sleeping. I tried the drugs and alcohol – they just make me lie down and stare at clouds. The Guru one is great – pick up a book written by some =body with a brain. My best self start method though is to just get up and get started. It annoys my other half who likes to sleep in – so that may be the main reason I do it.
    I do actually get a buzz checking what’s happened since I went to sleep – particularly as I am riding the crest of the surf right now with the launch of my own funnel. I actually look forward to getting up these days. And I thought we are meant to slow down as we get past middle age. Clearly not true if your example is anything to go by.
    Thanks again – Richard

  9. Hello Kim,
    I enjoyed reading this post. It is quite informative and funny at the same time. I am not a morning person rather I work till late at night. About the drug, I don’t take any but tea and coffee I need in plenty ha ha ha.
    Working from home is really a big challenge because you have to motivate yourself every day. I am happy that I have lesser distractions at home. So, I don’t find demotivation issues. However, I do watch some motivational movies to get some real inspiration.

    • Hi Atish
      Yes, I agree. Working from home can sometimes be a big challenge, particularly for newbies. Because I’ve been doing it for so long, I’ve trained my brain to be disciplined and most of the time, I am.
      You also make another good point re distractions. I find it less distracting to work from home than in a busy office environment. So, it’s good to see you feel the same way.


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