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Affiliate Marketing – Small Ticket Versus Big Ticket Products


Time For BED, Get GPT Instead

Today I want to talk about filthy lucre.

Well actually it’s night time for me, because as I write, it’s late.  But I just had to finish it before I wander off to the wonderful land of nod.

I want to discuss the issue of business models. If you want to create enough cash flow to quit your job, it’s vital that you get this right.

I was one of the lucky ones.  I made the right decision when I started my online marketing career.  Or was it luck?  In reality, it was more about a good thought process which led to a sound and sensible decision.

What Is a Business Model? 

A business model refers to the type of business you are evaluating.  When I was evaluating different businesses, I asked these questions:

  • What is their product?
  • Big ticket or small ticket?
  • Is there a market for the products?
  • How do they generate inquiries and leads?
  • Will any personal selling be involved?
  • What is the short-term (60-90 days) income potential?
  • Can I make $8,000 – $10,000 a month within 90 days?
  • Can the business be done strictly from home, or do I have to go out and meet people?
  • Does the company allow and encourage the use of the internet to find new members/customers?

After looking at various options and thinking about my goals, it became much clearer for me.  So, my ideal business model ended up looking like this:

  1. Income potential of $8,000 – $10,000  a month within 3 months
  2. No cold calling
  3. Inbound inquiries, no outbound
  4. No personal meetings
  5. No company meetings to attend
  6. Ability to work remotely (ie, not location dependent)
  7.  Internet-centric

Of course, your criteria may look different to mine, but what you see is exactly the shopping list that I put together in 2006.

Check the Cash Flow Profile 

In essence, I chose to market big ticket products from the get-go.  The primary reason was based on the likely cash flow from this type of business model when compared to most other options.

But before I came to that conclusion I looked at the cash flow profile of other home business models and programs.  For example:

  1. Developing Info Products.  Info products are often the easiest and cheapest type of product you can create.  So, I did consider developing my own.
  2. Services.  Offering a consulting service was another option.
  3. Traditional Affiliate Marketing.  Marketing digital products such as ebooks via platforms like Clickbank, JV Zoo and Warrior Plus.  In recent years Amazon’s affiliate program has also become popular.
  4. MLM or Network Marketing.  Traditional mlm businesses selling pills, potions, lotions, not to mention cleaning solutions.

After thinking about this for a while I came to one simple conclusion – none of them would fit.

For instance, developing my own info products would take a lot of time, and I didn’t have a clue about niches and topics.  I could see that I could be spinning my wheels for 6 months or more, without making a single, solitary cent.

Offering services such as a consulting service was another option, as stated.  But I couldn’t satisfy myself that I had something valuable to offer, and had no idea how to find clients online.  I reasoned that it might take me six months or more to sort all of that out, and I still wouldn’t have a client.

And as for traditional affiliate marketing, the least said about it the better.  If you can do basic maths you can readily see that receiving commissions of $20 a sale is a one-way road to bankruptcy.  It just didn’t stack up.

And then we have MLM or network marketing.  I’ll spend a bit more time on this one because lots of people join various programs.  But the question is, ‘does it stack up?’

Why I Said No To Network Marketing

After attending many sales presentation for various companies I decided that networking marketing (or MLM) wasn’t my cup of tea.  Here is why:

  1. I’m not into pitching and hustling friends and family en masse.
  2. The companies frowned on the use of the internet to promote.
  3. The cash flow profile in the short to medium term is abysmal.  This is because their pay plan is always a back end kind of plan.  To maximize income you must reach the top of the plan which can’t be done until you have developed a big team with many leaders.

Either way, if you’re in one of those MLM programs, it’s probably one of those BED deals


Back End Dough

You work your ass off for X years and maybe you’ll crack the big time.  That’s the dream.  But here’s what happens….

Most people give up before they make it.  In fact, only around 1 percent of people who join these programs ever reach the top of the pay plan.   Not good odds.

Apart from the fact I don’t like the way traditional network marketing companies do business, the economic reality is that if you want to replace your current salary, the chances of doing it quickly are remote.

My situation was quite clear – I needed money NOW.  Not in 5 years time.

That’s why I LOVE GPT

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I do the work, someone joins, and I get paid.  But not $15, not $27.50, not $38.  I get paid at least a $1,000.  Like that idea?

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