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Ahh, For the Good Life

When I buy a new outfit, my cares just melt awayBemoaning the loss of her favorite lingerie store (blamed on the GFC), Jacquie Hayes, writing in the Financial Review, had this to say:

“I sorely miss the La Perla boutique buying experience.  This may sound superficial, given what’s going on in the world.  But it doesn’t hurt to use beautiful things occasionally to distract yourself from the hard stuff of everyday life.”

I don’t know anything about La Perla, or lingerie for that matter.  But I do sort of ‘get’ what she’s saying.

Let’s face it, life can be a bitch sometimes, and I think all of us at some point or other, looks for escape.

Being a shop-a-holic is one way.

Some escape by tripping the light fantastic – party animals.  Or by becoming adrenalin junkies – witness the hoards of people who take on extreme sports etc.

Others escape by communing with nature, or by taking solace in the spiritual world.

Some cross the line and immerse themselves in destructive activities such as food, drug and alcohol abuse.  (As someone who has recently witnessed at first hand the destructive effects of alcohol, I can state with total conviction that this is the worst option of all.)

Me?  I like to travel.  A good way to escape from the hum drum and stresses of life.  Expands the mind too.

Jacquie Hayes has the last word on this topic:

“The mere physicality of being in a La Perla boutique can whisk anyone – female or male – out of the deepest funk.”

What about you?  How do you handle the bad times?  What is your form of escape?

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