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Article Marketing For Network Marketers. Does it work?

Can article marketing work for network marketers?

Yes and No.

If you’re a died in the wool traditional network marketer, I reckon that No –  it won’t work.  Why?  Traditional network marketing is all about offline hustle and bustle.   Duplication is the name of the game and article marketing strategies do not duplicate quickly.  That is the down side.

On the other hand if you do what I do, which is to market affiliate products AND big ticket products in a network marketing context, then article marketing can work very well for you.

Let me illustrate with a recent example…………

In the last week or so I have made a couple of big ticket sales from article marketing.  Here is how it happened.

A while ago I wrote two separate articles targetted at a couple of micro niches – which is really the key to getting your articles quickly ranked on Google.  Needless to say these article didn’t take long to rank.  And that is how two new clients found me.  Simple as that.

The power of article marketing.  It does work.  But you need to know what you’re doing and you need to have some patience.

Try it.

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