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Facebook Group Challenge #2 – Simple Way to Get Your First Ten Leads

  OK, welcome to lesson 2 of The 10 Leads in 10 Days Facebook Group Challenge. Hopefully, you did your homework from Lesson 1 and you created your Facebook group.  If yes, big congratulations to you. Don’t forget to visit The Tribe Builder Community group, and celebrate your wins every day. Not only will it […]

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Facebook Group Challenge #1 – Easy Peasy Way to Set Up Your Profitable Group

  Welcome to My Facebook Group Challenge, 10 Leads In 7 Days. And here is Day 1. Over the next 7 days, I’m going to teach you how to generate ten leads. But more than this. You’re going to implement what you learn.  So, you will end the week with AT LEAST ten brand new […]

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Blog Commenting for Leads Classroom

Blog Commenting For Leads – How to Get More

Blog Commenting For Leads – An Easy Free Way to Do It   Here is a simple way to gain more credibility, plus traffic and leads for your blog. It’s called blog commenting, and it works a treat.  I’m about to start a blog commenting campaign for this site after getting really good results on my […]

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5 Ways to Build An Online Brand

What Are the Best Ways To Give Your Brand More Online Oomph? Whether you’ve got a traditional bricks and mortar offline business or you’re purely an online marketer, one thing is sure: Brands Rule! If you have a powerful brand, people will be more likely to do business with you.  This is because brands instil confidence […]

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persuasion psychology dictionary meaning

Persuasion Psychology – Theory and Practice

How To Get Under People’s Skin So They Almost Beg You to Buy Your Stuff. Part 1 Many years ago I had a sales mentor by the name of Larry Thompson. One of the things I remember about him was his extraordinary ability to persuade people to his point of view. He could do it […]

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How to Write An Article a Day

1. Study Your Niche Check out industry forums and see what other people are writing about it.  Try and determine which topics people are most interested in. You can also type in your niche or topic specific keywords and see what comes up.  Look for quality content and avoid the spruikers who publish junk content.  […]

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Skeptic Says I’m Full of Hot Air – Who Is Right?

 Now IS the Time to Build Value and Create Your Own Potent ‘Authority’ Brand This is the final post in the 4 part series on value building.  Read the last one here – Network Marketers Deluding Themselves. This series has been about what I call the value building imperative.  Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or […]

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Network Marketers Deluding Themselves Again

Network Marketers NOT Building Their Own Business This is the third in the series on Value Building.  My last post on the topic can be be found here, Investing In Someone Else’s Value Rather Than Your Own. I stirred up a hornets nest with my value based theme this week.  However many seem to like […]

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Investing In Someone Else’s Value Rather Than Your Own (Why It’s Wrong)

Create Sustainable Income By Building YOUR Value This is a continuation of the series that started with my post referencing top marketer Daegan Smith Recently I posted on my Facebook wall this question: “Why do so many home business folk invest SO MUCH time, money and energy into someone else’s value (rather than create their […]

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How to Be Seen As An Expert Without Being One

How to Create the Perception of Expertise Introduction You don’t HAVE to be an expert to be regraded highly in your chosen niche.  Perception is everything and if your audience perceives you as having authority they’ll more than likely regard you as an expert. Of course many people have expertise simply as a result of […]

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