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Facebook Group Challenge #2 – Simple Way to Get Your First Ten Leads

  OK, welcome to lesson 2 of The 10 Leads in 10 Days Facebook Group Challenge. Hopefully, you did your homework from Lesson 1 and you created your Facebook group.  If yes, big congratulations to you. If you’ve missed any of the other lessons, click HERE Don’t forget to visit The Tribe Builder Community group, […]

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Facebook Group Challenge #3 – Your Potent Content Strategy

Hey, welcome to Lesson 3 in the 10 Leads in 7 Days Challenge If you want to review the other lessons do it here. Hopefully, you did your homework from Lesson 2 and you’ve added your first members/leads to your Facebook group.  If yes, big congratulations to you. Don’t forget to visit The Tribe Builder Community group, […]

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Facebook Group Challenge #1 – Easy Peasy Way to Set Up Your Profitable Group

  Welcome to My Facebook Group Challenge, 10 Leads In 7 Days. And here is Day 1. Over the next 7 days, I’m going to teach you how to generate ten leads. But more than this. You’re going to implement what you learn.  So, you will end the week with AT LEAST ten brand new […]

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The Harsh Reality With Most Home Biz Marketers

The Instant Gratification Junkies There are two things I’ve learned about most home biz marketers: 1. Most are struggling 2. Most jump from one thing to another Perhaps one of the reasons they’re struggling is because they don’t focus on ONE THING long enough. 🙂 Marketers pitch me about all sorts of things.  Most of […]

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Little Sister Given Leg Up By Big Brother (how dogged persistence and a lucky break changed her life forever)

You’ve heard of the TV show Big Brother? I wasn’t a fan, but the other day I watched a replay of the Filipino version. My friend said ‘Did you know that Pokwang got her start on shows like Big Brother?’ The lady she was referring to was known to me. I had seen her do […]

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How to Create Money Out of Thin Air

Three Entrepreneurs With An Idea and How They Brought It To the Marketplace Making money starts with an idea.  The spark of an idea is all you need.  From there comes the detail which ultimately might manifest into a game plan.  In a sense, you’re creating money out of thin air.  This assumes, of course, […]

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The Teacher in You

Learn It, Teach It, and Lead By Example Everyone teaches.  Do you believe that?  No?  Think about it.  If you have kids, you teach them how to behave right.  If you have a partner you probably ‘teach’ them about your preferences, your likes and dislikes, and vice versa.  If you employ people you teach your […]

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Baby Boomer Retirement Options In Australia and Beyond

Why Many Baby Boomers Should Be Worrying Many baby boomers are worried.  Why?  They’re scared they’ll run out of money.  They also hate the thought of drastically reducing their lifestyle to make ends meet.   Let’s face it many boomers are not exactly into frugal living. Over the years, many have wasted money on all sorts […]

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How I Create Content For My Blog

Simple Way to Create Content For Your Blog This video shows how I research and create content for my blog. This particular blog post is about an Australian entrepreneur by the name of Peter Sun.  Peter owns a company called Better Business Institute. Creating content is not difficult.  It’s simply a process, a step by […]

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MLM Passive Income BS

Can You Create Passive Income With MLM Programs? I seem to get pitched daily by people promoting MLM programs offering passive income. Here is the problem. If the so-called passive income depends on an army of uncommitted people to produce it, count me out. I’m not gonna hang my hat on a bunch of people […]

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