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This One Change Trebled My Income

About to Quit – White Knight Saved My Bacon Way back when Adam was a boy, I was a young guy trying to make a buck in the insurance industry. I was a self-employed salesman and was just 19 years old. The first year was ok. I made $50,000 (in inflation-adjusted terms). Not bad for […]

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15 Ways to Build Authority on Facebook

How to Build Authority On Facebook (Or Anywhere You Want) So my latest blog post is superficially about Facebook.  But in reality, you could adapt then adopt many of the strategies. And gain authority on other platforms too.  Why is authority important?  Because it will enhance your credibility which is a prerequisite for long success, both […]

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Your Internet Business ‘Side Venture’ (a Profitable Way to Quit the Rat Race)

An Opportunity Too Good To Pass Up If you want out of the rat race, like yesterday – I have an opportunity for you.  It’s a way to create a six (and even a seven) figure income.  And travel the world, just like me. In the last few years, I’ve been to countries like USA, Mexico, […]

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How to Influence and Persuade With Powerful Story Telling

Have I Got a Story For You! From time immemorial people have been captivated by stories. Why?  Because stories inspire, challenge, provoke and give comfort. Starting as infants, we are immersed in stories.  But as we mature and become adults, stories still infuse our thinking. Stories appear in different forms and inhabit different areas of […]

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The Myths Of the No Traffic Marketers

You Don’t Have a Traffic or Lead Problem – You Have a Conversion Problem If you listen to the average business owner, you’ll be lead to believe they have a ‘traffic issue.’ They can’t get enough visitors to their web page… or their list is too small to make a sale… or blah blah blah.  In […]

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6 Principles For Network Marketers In The Online Age

Out With the Old – The New Way to Build a Network Marketing Business Online (Or Even Offline) A lot of people have tried to build a network marketing business online.  But here is the problem.  Online strategies are often complicated and – believe it or not – slow.  Success loves speed, especially in the […]

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Organic Facebook Lead Generation Strategies

7 Ways to Build Your Audience and Generate More Home Business Leads On Facebook Ok, so you want to generate warm juicy leads from Facebook.  How do you do it?  Well, it starts with engagement, but before you engage with people, make sure you’ve got the basics working in your favor.  So for this post, I’ve […]

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Whacky Extroverts and Raging Introverts

Can Introverts Succeed in Business? I was raised by two women. My Mother and my Grandma. My mom was the most introverted person I’ve ever known. On the other hand, my grandma was the polar opposite. She always seemed to be cheerful which explains why her nickname was ‘gay’ (as in happy, not queer). But […]

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Struggling Online Marketer? Simple Online Success Master Class

SOS Pro Master Class – Group Coaching Program (The Smart Way to Prosper Online) Is This You? Network marketer Affiliate marketer Big ticket (top tier) marketer Coach or trainer A Brand (the business revolves around you) Either way, you want the internet to attract and convert leads into income. So if you’re struggling to make […]

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Facebook Lead Machine – 8 Ways to Crush It On Facebook

Facebook Lead Machine – 8 Ways to Crush It On Facebook If you want to generate leads on Facebook  – without spending ANY money on advertising – I have good news for you today.  But first a reality check.  There’s a right and wrong way to generate leads on organically on Facebook.  But sadly most […]

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