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How To Make Your Facebook Wall Sizzle

The Bedrock of Your Organic Facebook Lead Strategy – Your FB Wall So who wants to generate leads from Facebook for free? You? Sweet!  Let’s get started But before I share some tips, let me tell you a little about my social media journey…….. From Facebook Hater To a Raving Fan I’ve had a Facebook […]

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Small Ticket Selling – Why It Sucks

Small Ticket Selling – a Hard Way to Make Money I’ve got a beef with affiliate marketers who only sell small ticket/small margin products. These are the folks who are happy to make twenty bucks selling products for Amazon, Clickbank, Warrior Plus, JV Zoo, etc.  They join dopey training sites like wealthy affiliates, so they can […]

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6 Deadly Sins of Twitter Marketing

What Are the Deadly Sins of Twitter Marketing to Get Leads? A lot of people say they can;t generate leads from Twitter I can empathize. Although I opened my Twitter account many years ago, after 12 months of purposeful activity, I walked away.  My results were abysmal. So for the next five years, my Twitter […]

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The Fickle Finger of Fate and the Freaky Focus Formula.

The Fickle Finger of Fate and the Freaky Focus Formula I was talking to someone the other day, and she brought up the topic of fate.  In her world outcomes are pre-determined, and there’s not much we can do about it.  She mentioned the F word many times – fate.  Fate is about accepting your […]

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What My Mentors Taught Me

Can a Mentor Help You Grow Your Home Based Business? I’ve had many mentors over the years. Most were in the offline world. But I also had a couple in the online world, one of whom is still a good friend to this day (all these years later.) But I can attribute a lot of […]

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Commitment Phobes and Nervous Nellies

Is Fear of Commitment the New Normal For Home Business Marketers? Some people would rather do anything than roll up their sleeves and do some work. They sign up for different money making programs as if the mere act of joining would somehow change their lives. It can’t. But winning the lottery has an irresistible […]

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The Fine Art of Directed Conversation

 The Fine Art of Directed Conversation Ever been to a party, a BBQ or a networking event, and everyone you spoke to talked about themselves? Some marketers are like that too. They’re so consumed with their BS that they have little or no interest in the real needs, wants and concerns of their prospects. Brian […]

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Communication Primer – Don’t Pre-Judge People!

Weird Austrian Turns Me Into His Strudel Poodle (You Can’t Always Judge a Book By Its Cover) First impressions count, right? Not always. Recently I was at a rock and roll bar. Just your standard Phnom Penh bar complete with the usual suspects – hookers, lookers, desperates, degenerates, and of course, she-males. Amidst all of […]

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Twitter For Leads: How to Engage People On Twitter

How to Engage People On Twitter When I opened my Twitter account in December 2008, I employed a strategy I got from a goo-roo. Like a lot of goo-roo strategies, it didn’t work. What was it?  I used automation software to follow/unfollow people.  I used automation software to blast content 24/7 Here is why it […]

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Affiliate Marketing – Small Ticket Versus Big Ticket Products

Time For BED, Get GPT Instead Today I want to talk about filthy lucre. Well actually it’s night time for me, because as I write, it’s late.  But I just had to finish it before I wander off to the wonderful land of nod. I want to discuss the issue of business models. If you […]

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