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Don’t Be a Slave to Mass Media Rubbish

Are you a news junkie?  Prepared to admit it are you?  Or perhaps you quit the habit years ago.  If os, congrats.  But for ‘squillions’ of people they cannot live without their news programs.  Problem is that these programs can rob you of your dream and your positive attitude. Google Adwords doyen Perry Marshall recently […]

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Focus is the Key For Your Home Based Business Success

I want to talk about focus.  As someone who has recruited heaps of people over many years, to work in the home business arena, I have noticed a problem with many of my recruits.  They lack focus. Here is what typically happens.  They join a business opportunity – mlm, direct sales, affiliate marketing – whatever.  […]

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Fair and Balanced Review of Numis Network

A Genuine Review of Numis Network – No Hype, No Spin By Kim Willis If you are a Numis rep, or considering being one, you should read this. Learn how to drive traffic and create a flood of leads for FREE. Over the next 6 weeks you could have more than 10,000 visitors to your […]

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Jim Rohn on How to Have Your Best Year Ever

What strategies do you need to employ to have your best year ever? Master business philosopher Jim Rohn, boils it down to handful of key principles, which you can adapt to your business. No sweat.  Watch, enjoy and learn.

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Jim Rohn on How to Avoid Being Broke and Stupid

I heard the late Jim Rohn live in London, England in the 80’s.  He was great.  Such simple concepts, yet so powerful.  His message continues to live on.   Watch this short video as Jim talks about to How to Avoid Being Broke and Stupid.

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President Clinton Gives Network Marketing a High 5!

This video shows President Bill Clinton giving network marketing a really favourable endorsement.  Although he was never in business himself, he knew that the great driver of the US economy is the entrepreneurial ‘animal spirits’.  Network marketing is a pure form of capitalism, which has overcome many obstacles, yet still flowers.  Take a look at […]

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Why Robert Kiyosaki Says YES to Network Marketing

Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad poor Dad fame says if he started all over again he would join a network marketing company.  Here he gives sound reasons why gives network marketing the thumb’s up.

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Fair and Balanced Review – Brian Fanale

A Genuine Review of Brian Fanale If you are thinking of working with Brian Fanale,  you should read this. Learn how to drive traffic and create a flood of leads.   Over the next 6 weeks you could have more than 10,000 visitors to your website – for FREE. Introduction Brian Fanale is one of […]

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David Wood Joins Numis Network

iLearning Global Door Shuts – Another One Opens.  Hello Numis Network Yesterday ace marketer David Wood heard the news that his primary program – iLearning Global – was closing down its network marketing business.  What a bombshell. Here’s is a guy who was raving about the virtues of joining ILG, only to have the rug […]

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Do You Have to be a Bastard to Succeed in Your Home Based Business?

I had a big smile on my face the other day when I watched nice guy Jeff Bridges win the Academy Award for Best Actor. I had a special reason to smile – and cheer.  You see, Jeff and me go way back!  True.  Yep, I met him in the eighty’s on the set of […]

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