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Do You Have to be a Bastard to Succeed in Your Home Based Business?

I had a big smile on my face the other day when I watched nice guy Jeff Bridges win the Academy Award for Best Actor. I had a special reason to smile – and cheer.  You see, Jeff and me go way back!  True.  Yep, I met him in the eighty’s on the set of […]

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Focus on the Important and Explode Your Home Based Business

Recently I went to see my son play in a tennis tournament.  He had a pulled muscle and lost (to a guy he had always beaten), but only just.  Not a worry. As I was watching, I got to thinking.  There he was – just a notch below pro standard.  How did he get SO […]

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Dubli Australia – About to Launch (but nagging doubts remain)

Well, after plenty of false starts is launching in Australia in March. Based on the exploding situation down under, it appears they have hit momentum before the launch. Time will tell how it all pans out. But one thing is for certain; some people are already making serious money down under (try $50k a […]

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Rachel Oliver Takes a Stake in Polaris Media

Number 1 Liberty League distributor in the world in 2008, Rachel Oliver, is now  a partner in its replacement business, Polaris Media Group. Rachel has had a huge role in the launch of Polaris, and has become a key player in the ongoing development of the company.  But there is more than meets the eye […]

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Arbonne and Its Bankrutpcy Woes

Natural Products Group, based in Irvine, California, filed for bankruptcy protection last week.  The company owns the leading mlm company, Arbonne. Court documents indicated that the company grew rapidly in 2005 and 2006 as Arbonne added a large number of direct marketing contractors, providing an unsustainable boost to revenue. It should be noted that the […]

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Jim Rohn – We’ll Miss You

Business philosopher and entrepreneur Jim Rohn, died yesterday. Jim battled with Pulmonary Fibrosis over the last 18 months.  As you would expect his attitude remained strong till the end.  He was 79.   Jim’s faith was as much a part of his life as was his desire to inspire and challenge us all to be the […]

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Tiger Woods and His Lovely Wife – Back Together Again

Here’s a happy snap of Tiger Woods and his lovely wife.  Good to see them back together again!

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Rats Jumping Ship – More Big Hitters Quit Polaris Media

Things is grim! Not with me, but with our friends over at Polaris Media Group.  Boy have they been through the ‘horrors’ lately.  First, Michael Hamburger split, then top earner Wendy Stevens took a walk.  Following them were a host of smaller players.  But when the CEO’s own Svengali jumps ship you gotta ask the […]

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Polaris Media CEO and the Scientology Connection

Polaris Media CEO Shayne Krider is on the receiving end of wild rumors about his involvement with controversial sect, Scientology. Polaris Media used to be known as Liberty League, and recently re-engineered themselves into the entity that is Polaris.  But things are not exactly going smoothly at the moment.  Because of the massive disruption caused by the […]

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Nu Skin Delivers Sales Increase

Quality MLM  company, Nu Skin Enterprises, announced record third-quarter revenue of $334.2 million, an 8 percent improvement over the prior-year period. Revenue in the period benefited 1% from foreign currency fluctuations. The company stated earnings per share for the quarter were $0.40, which represented a 54% improvement over the same quarter of 2008. Earnings per […]

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