Facebook News Feed Attack on Promotional Page Posts

by Kim Willis on November 26, 2014

Facebook News Feed Attack on Promotional Page Posts

Your FB Friends to See Even Fewer of Your Posts Now!

Recently Facebook conducted research with some of their members.  One of the questions they asked was this:

How do you feel about the content of your News Feed?

The answers came back and predictably many said they want to see more ‘genuine’ content – such as stories from friends – and less promotional content.

The bottom line is that Facebook  will bring in more volume and content control from January 2015, particularly for promotional page posts.  Of course ‘spammy’ style marketers will find the going even tougher.  But the good news is that content marketers who focus on promoting  quality content will continue to prosper, as they grow and expand their audience.

Ana Hoffman has written about it on her G+ page.  Take a look.






How to Get Facebook Ads Approved

by Kim Willis on November 21, 2014

how to avoid getting banned by facebookDon’t Get Banned By Facebook!

Many marketers have complained that Facebook is mean to them! I’m referring to the fact that Facebook has closed down thousands of accounts of advertisers in recent times.

But its pretty clear that if you play by the rules you wont have any problems with Facebook. Here is something that may surprise you…..

Facebook does NOT have a problem with affiliate marketers. They are happy to run your ads providing that they do what Facebook wants them to do – enhance the user experience. That is all they care about it. When they review an ad or a web page the question is always asked – ‘will this enhance our users experience?’ If the answer is yes you won’t have any problems with Facebook.

Facebook is very big on trust, so anything that threatens to break the bonds of trust between Facebook and the user is frowned upon. Advertisers that use fear, hype, exaggeration and deception will be stomped on. Even techniques such as video players with no player controls (which essentially dis-empower the user) will not be allowed.

Beware of User Complaints

A red flag for Facebook is complaints or deletions from users who see an ad they don’t like. This acts like a trigger to Facebook to investigate your account

Problems With Video Sales Letters

If you send users to a sales page with a typical video sales letter, you’re asking for trouble. Facebook does not like hidden player controls (as stated), hidden/delayed order buttons, or video autoplay. Facebook also do not like pages (video or otherwise) that don’t identify the business and its model.

Deleting Negative Comments

If you’re ads are getting a high number of negative comments, beware. Facebook monitors this including the deletion of negative comments which makes it look like you’re hiding something.



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