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Content Curation Tips For Beginners

content curation tips

 Effective Content Curation Ideas to Grow Your Audience

What is content curation and does it work?

Two good questions so let me answer them for you

What Is Content Curation?

Simply put content curation is the practise of finding good content and sharing it with your audience, whilst at the same time giving attribution credits to the source.  The advantage of using curation methods is that it gives you the ability to tap into a vast selection of niche specific content items without you having to do all the work or creating the content from scratch.

Does Content Curation Work?

It sure does,  In fact many of the most popular content rich sites use content creation techniques all the time.  An example of this is the Huffington Post.

In a recent article on the Social Media Examiner their on demand radio show interviewed leading blogger Ian Cleary about the virtues of using a curated content approach.

According to Ian content curation is about ‘finding relevant content and sharing it in a meaningful way’.   But don’t just copy and paste the item on your blog, instead, add some of your ideas as well.

“For example, if you do a weekly roundup post, don’t just list article titles and links, instead add the reason why each post is interesting.”

Ian points out that curated content can also be your own articles.  For example you could retrieve some of your own older content and send it to email subscribers, letting them know why you think they should read it.

Here are some other key points from the Social Media Examiner post……..

“Ian explains how content curation builds up a marketer’s authority. If your audience trusts you because you consistently share good content, when you share your own material, they’re more likely to engage.

On the flip side, if you share consistently bad or irrelevant content from other sources, people won’t be as interested when you share your own articles.”

Content Sharing Strategy

“When Ian shares other people’s content on Facebook and other social media platforms, he puts a line before the article link explaining what the article’s about and why it’s interesting.

Ian also explains how he curates content for posts on his blog. For example, he recently did an article on podcast tools. He reached out to podcasters, and asked for their three favorite podcast tools. He compiled the response and wrote a summary.

This type of post is both valuable and shareable. The influential people in the article share the post. Plus, Ian created a custom image with a picture of everyone in the article. After the image was posted on Facebook, the people in the article were able to tag each other, giving it even more visibility.”

As well as reviewing the full Social Media Examiner post you can also check out Ian’s Razor Social site for further ideas.

The most important thing is to create great content for your audience.  The fact that some of it doesn’t originate from you is immaterial.  If the content is good people will share it, which in turn will enhance your own credibility and grow your audience.  And don’t forget that if your content is popular the search engines will reward you with higher rankings for some of the keywords you’re featuring in your curated blog posts.

Start curating some content today!

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