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Create Great Autoresponder Headlines

Are Your Auto Responders Lame?

You may have a great offer and  a great product, but if people don’t see your message, what’s the point?

The use of an auto responder email system enables you to send messages to your list easily.  But first you gotta get your email opened.  Therefore a most important skill to learn is to do with headline writing.

Write a good headline and more people will open your email.  Write a great headline and lots more will open it.  That is a reality.

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Five Tips For Superior Headline Writing

1.   Appeal To Self Interest. Have you tuned into WII-FM lately?  I’m talking about What’s In It For Me – as if you didn’t know.  Reality is that people are motivated by self interest.  Understanding this, and you will want to create headlines that give the reader a hook that talks to them in a self interested way.

2.    Specifics Sell. If you had to chose between generalities and specifics, chose specifics every time.  Specifics will outsell generalities by a a factor of 10 to 1.  Example: ‘7 Ways to Quantum Leap Your Profits in Less Than 90 Days’

3.    Try Curiosity. Curiosity killed the cat – or did  it?  It may not kill them but curiosity sure does peak their interest.  Use it in your headlines and people will naturally want to open your email.  Try it.

4.   Use Provocation If Appropriate. I like this one.  Been using it for years.  In fact I started using it in the offline world more than 10 years ago.  Stir people up with provocative statements and they WILL open your emails.   However, don’t go overboard – and avoid bad taste at all costs.

5.   Use Reader Hooks Judiciously. There are tricks you can use to increase your email open rate.  The obvious one is to include the reader’s name in the headline.  Other examples are to use the word ‘re’ or ‘fwd’.  Example: ‘Re: top 5 ways to bla bla’.   Also try lower case for ALL characters in the headline.

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