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17 eMail Cash Hacks From Paul Nicholls

pommie bastard

Daily Email Cash Secrets of a Pommie Bastard


If you’re not an Aussie you may be a little shocked that I used the above subject line.

Or miffed

What the heck is a Pommie?

Well us colonials call English people Pommies.

And decades ago an Aussie wag added the word ‘Bastard’ for more impact.

So yeah, we banter with the English – we’re a bit cheeky, but most of the time our targets accept it with good grace
and humor.

We have slang words for other races too.

For instance, if you’re an American the name we have for you is ‘septic tank’.  It’s rhyming slang for ‘yank’.

But there is more. I can’t help myself – here are some great examples of famous Aussie slang:

  • Mad as a meat-axe – crazy.
  • Like a shag on a rock – lonely or exposed
  • Have a root – have sex
  • Drongo – no-hoper or fool
  • Siphon the python – go to the toilet (for males)
  • Spit the dummy – have a sudden tantrum.
  • Kangaroos loose in the top paddock – eccentric or not very bright
  • Stone the crows – an expression of amazement
  • Flat out like a lizard drinking – super busy

And my all time favs:

1. Up and down like a bride’s nightie / up and down like a dunny (toilet) seat.
Changing your opinion, or overactive.

2. May your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny door down.

A way of wishing someone bad luck.

chooks turn to emus

So if you’re a total drongo, mad as a meat axe, a septic tank, or a pommie bastard – it’s cool with me.

Speaking of pommie bastards my new best mate, Paul Nichols, has released his new report.

He might be a pommie bastard but he sure knows how to convert the sending of simple emails into daily cash.

Mmm. Daily cash. Or moolah – is that Aussie slang? Nope. But I like the word anyway.

Try this:

You get hold of Paul’s report, and use his email hacks, you’re gonna make some big bickies (big bucks)!

Stone the crows it’s good

17 eMail Cash Hacks


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