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Dubli Going Global

Online reverse auction MLM biz, Dubli, is growing at a breakneck speed.  Recently they announced they’re going global.  Originally from Europe, last year Dubli opened in the US.  Then they began the pre-launch phase for Australia, which is apparently going to open early 2010.

Even though the company has not officially launched in Australia, already several people  have cracked the six figure income level.  However, recently Dubli announced that rather than open one country at a time, in the traditional way, they are now committed to the goal of going global quickly.

Although Dubli’s ‘product’ is online, their marketing strategy is unashamedly traditional.   It’s all about working with your warm market and approaching family and friends etc.  Go figure.

How or when this ‘go global’ program comes to pass for Dubli remains to be seen.  Irrespective, the company still has issues with the controversial nature of their product.

Paying to bid for a product, can be construed as a form of gambling in that only one person per auction, is going to ‘win’ the product at a low price.  All of the others who have paid their bid fees to bid for the given product, will lose money.

Time will tell if the Dubli hype is justified – or just another flash in the pan.

I am in the process of writing a ‘fair and balanced’ review of Dubli – look out for it.  In the meantime, if you have had any involvement with Dubli, good or bad, enter your comments at the bottom of this post.  I look forward to it!

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