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Facebook Group Challenge #1 – Easy Peasy Way to Set Up Your Profitable Group

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Welcome to My Facebook Group Challenge, 10 Leads In 7 Days.

And here is Day 1. Over the next 7 days, I’m going to teach you how to generate ten leads. But more than this. You’re going to implement what you learn.  So, you will end the week with AT LEAST ten brand new leads for your business.  Wow!

One of the best ways to generate leads is via a Facebook group.  Although I’ve generated more than 10,000 leads (using paid and free methods) from other strategies, I’ve discovered that using Facebook in the first instance and Facebook Groups in the second, is a mighty powerful way to turn mere leads into hot prospects.  And of course, every lead generated didn’t cost you a cent.

So Step 1 is to open your group.

Over the next week, you’re going to be focused on group building activities. Each new member you add to your group is a prospect or lead. The prospect may not be red hot or qualified, but the mere fact she joined your community indicates that she has an interest in the core topic for your group. It also probably means she (or he) has a problem that your group can help them solve. In my book, that’s a lead. Got it?

Points to Keep In Mind

  • Your Group Is NOT About Selling or Pitching. Yes, I know you want to make sales, but initially, you must build trust. And the way to do it is to lead with value and embrace an ethos of helpfulness.
  • Posting Links Is Taboo. Unless you’re promoting a webinar, in the early stages you should not post links to pitch pages, YouTube videos, capture pages or blog posts.
  • This is a Seduction Process, Not Rape. Forget old-fashioned notions about selling. Say goodbye to ‘wham, bam, thank ya, Ma’am.’ To repeat – lead with value. When you do it leads will flow, as sure as night follows day.

Watch each lesson carefully, then implement immediately. Any delay may rob you of the opportunity to generate ten leads in 7 days for your Facebook Group. Hop to it!

P.S.  Already have a Facebook Group?  No problem.  You’ll have fun with the Challenge.  You’ll probably learn a few new things too.  Not to mention the opportunity to generate ten brand new leads.

Step 1: Pick Your Group Name

Your group should convey to people what your group is about – and why they should join it.

To brand the group to you, consider prefacing the group name with your name.

Think about your target audience and their pain points and hot buttons. Then, create your name for them. For instance, if you’re targetting other marketers you’ll probably know that they’re always looking for ways to generate leads. So, if that is an area you want to serve you might come up with a name that resonates with those people.

I started a group called Simple Online Success because I knew that many marketers are confused about online strategies. The name gave them optimism that my group would share simple strategies, which it does.

So, put some thought into the name of your group, but don’t overthink it. You can quickly change the name anyway, at any time. Final point: If you’re a network marketer or affiliate marketer do not mention your network marketing business name.

Step 2: Open Your Group

This step is dead easy and will only take a few minutes to execute. Go to your Home page and click on groups on the left sidebar. Once you’ve done that you’ll see a button, Create Group. Click and start the procedure.

Step 3: Complete the Procedure

Type in your group name, make the group one of your favorites and set it to Public for now. (Please note – the video says Private, but to make it easier for people find you, Public will give you more visibility.  You can switch to Private in the future).

You will also need to add one person to the group.

Finish off, save your Settings. That’s it – done.

At this point there is no need to worry about header design, writing your Description, etc. I’ll cover those issues in a future lesson.

Remember: the main purpose of the group is to help your leads get to know, like and trust you so you build a warm market.

Tomorrow I’ll show you a dead easy way to get your first ten leads (members) in your group.  Look out for it.

 Now that you’ve set up your group, head on over to The Tribe Builder Community group and celebrate your wins every day.  Set up your group?  That’s a win.  Added someone to your group?  Likewise.  Be proud, be loud.


Kim Willis


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In 2006 Kim was looking for another source of income.  He was fascinated by the Internet, even though he didn’t have a clue as to how it worked, or how to make money from it. But he knew some people were making money, and he liked the idea of working from home – or anywhere for that matter.
Finding the right business model was a challenge. But within a couple of months, he found a great educational product, focused on wealth and self-development.

He also liked the high profit margin, as well as the marketing system the supplier company had developed. Less than a month after starting in September 2006, he made his first dollars. Since then he has sold millions of dollars of products and services, using a high ticket formula he has perfected. To learn how he does it, make an inquiry – High Ticket Formula.

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