Facebook Group Challenge #4 - Personal Profile and Group Integration Method - Internet Marketing From Home

Facebook Group Challenge #4 – Personal Profile and Group Integration Method

Facebook Group Challenge 4 - Personal Profile and Group Integration

Hey, welcome to Lesson 4 in the 10 Leads in 7 Days Challenge

Hopefully, you did your homework from Lesson 3 and you wrote one authority building, engagement producing and lead getting post for your group.  If yes, big congratulations to you.

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So let’s talk about how to integrate your personal profile with your Facebook group.  Are you ready?

Your Personal Profile – How It Fits

Is it mandatory that you have a vibrant personal profile ‘wall’?  No, but it sure does help – in a big way.  So go with the strength and optimise your personal profile.  Not that long ago I was giving more preference to my FB business page.  But the problem was that engagement levels were abysmal.

However, when I gave priority to my personal profile, everything changed.  And it only took a couple of weeks to see the difference. So, to clarify here are the reasons why you should spend just as much time on your personal profile as you do in your Facebook group.

So, here are the main reasons why you should fully embrace my personal profile posting and engagement strategy:

Member Feeder For Your Group.  Some of the best and most active members in your group will come from your current friend’s list.  Once you structure your personal profile content strategy correctly, you can publish promotional posts for your group, on your wall and get leads.  In virtually every instance when I do it, I get leads for my group.  I also get leads for my paid offers. It works very well.

Some people say they don’t want to post business content on their wall.  But if the content is not pitchy, and is valuable and helpful, you shouldn’t have a problem.  And if you don’t want your real friends and family to see it, you can shield them by segmenting them into a protected list.  No problem.

A Way to Build Relationships.  Any work you do in your group can be reinforced if members are also your Facebook friends.  Members will see your other side – a small glimpse into your private life.  This should draw them closer to you.  Add to that the power and potency of Messenger and you have a winning formula.

It Will Boost Your Authority.  Yes, it will.  You will automatically get an authority boost when they join your group.  But if they are also your friends, the message will be reinforced when they see your walls posts – even if they are duplicated from your group –  on their newsfeed.

Personal Profile Will Reinforce Your Group.   Yes, it’s true.  If you have a well-sorted personal profile with lots of engagement, it will help to strengthen your group.  This is because friends who are also members of your group will see some of your personal profile content in their news feed.  Even if it’s duplicate content, it will still work in your favor.  Perhaps they haven’t seen the post in your group, but even if they have, it will reinforce and remind them of the great point you made.

A Note About Your Business Page

If you also have a business page, there is a place for it in your Facebook group strategy.  But it may not be what you think.

So now we can look at the types of content you can post to your personal profile ‘wall’.  Watch my video first:

How To Get Your (Personal Profile) Wall Buzzing 

Different techniques can be used, but here are a few that I use:

  • Post Quality Content Daily.
  • Ensure One of Your Daily Posts Is An ‘Authority Builder.’
  • Three Messenger Conversations a Day.
  • Comment on Three Friend Posts a Day.

How to Use Your (Personal Profile) Wall As a Feeder For Your Facebook Group

Look at your personal profile as a feeder for your Facebook group.  So you should be adding new friends regularly.  This will increase the pool of people to whom you can promote about your group.  Before you add or approve someone as a friend always check their profile and their wall for examples of their content.  I look for situations with plenty of friends in common.  When I look at their wall, if I see anything that smacks of ‘get rich quick’ and hype, I don’t add them.

How to Use Your (Personal Profile) Wall To Reinforce What’s Happening In Your Group

The best way to do this is to continue to post quality content on your wall.  You want content that is congruent with the theme of your group.  Another way to do it is to post good news stories sourced from people in your group.  And yes, it’s ok to replicate posts from your group, to your wall.

Not all group members will visit your group every day.  But some of them may see your wall posts in their news feed.  This is another reason why it’s so important to turn members into friends.

Types of Status Updates

Status update types for your personal profile are similar to your group with the exception being that your group usually wouldn’t feature much in the way of social content.  Anyway, there are four types of status updates:

  1. Value Driven Content
  2. Social Content
  3. Engagement Producing Content
  4. Promotional Content

CONTENT 1: Value Driven Content

  • Your comments
  • Wise quotes
  • Pics with quotes
  • Other people’s content

CONTENT 2: Social  Content

  • Something funny
  • Something sad
  • Frivolous nonsense works
  • Irreverence works

CONTENT 3: Engagement Producing Content

  • Questions
  • Provocative posts
  • Something topical

CONTENT 4: Promotional Content

  • Lead magnet – free report offer
  • Direct to sales page offer
  • Webinar Invite
  • Promote your group

CONTENT 1: Value Driven Content

Example of Personal Profile Posts – Value-Driven Content

Facebook - Authority Building Content






CONTENT 2: Social Content

Example of Personal Profile Posts – Social Content









CONTENT 3: Engagement Producing Content

Example of Personal Profile Post: Engagement Producing

In the previous lesson, I showed you the Ask a Question Technique.  Similar questions can be asked on your personal profile.  The main difference is that you can broaden the questions to include social questions.  Here are some examples:

  • Which is more important to have when building your business. Skills or passion?
  • Why do you want success? What’s driving you?
  • What’s your favorite lazy meal?
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning? You gotta work to pay the bills, or is there a higher purpose?
  • When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  • Who said this: ‘a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma’? First to answer correctly gets a box of exploding cigars. GO!
  • What keeps you awake at night?
  • Who loves weekends? What will you be doing?
  • What one thing can’t you do without, even for a day?
  • Any chocolate freaks out there?

Notice that I mix up the themes – some have a business or success flavor while others are somewhat frivolous.

Here is another type of post called Fill In the Blank:

______________ is my favorite meal

My favorite movie is _____________________

I check for updates on Facebook_______times  a day

The book that had the biggest impact on me is_________________

Success goes to those who_______

CONTENT 4: Promotional Content

Example of Personal Profile Promotional Post For Your Group: Direct Method

So here is an attraction marketing style promotional post.  For sure, you can promote anything on your wall, but for now, I’ll focus on one type of post – promote your group.








Example of Personal Profile Promotional Post For Your Group: Free Report Method

47 Leads and Counting.  I posted this promo post less than a day ago.  Already I’ve got 47 leads.  More will come over the next couple of days.  And yes, each comment will be replied to by me.

The way this works is that you offer a Cheat Sheet or Free Report.  When they respond in the affirmative, rather than send them a message and just give it to them, tell them they can access it via your group.

So here it is:

acebook - Promotional post 2








Example of Personal Profile Promotional Post: Survey Method

I wouldn’t call the responses to this post, leads.  They’re more like leads in the making.  All I did was ask friends for an opinion, nothing more.   If you had thirty people responding to your survey questions, would you think those responses offer a rich source of potential leads?  For sure!

How would you turn them into leads?  Simple.  Send each one of them a personal message with a question.  Some of the respondents will identify themselves as people with a problem that only you can solve.

Facebook Content Example - Lead Producing










The above represent just three examples of effective promotional posts, but they will give you an idea how to promote an offer on your wall, without including a link.

So now you have two ways to promote your group:

1. You approach people (as covered in Lesson 2)

2. They contact you (using attraction marketing techniques – as above)

I suggest you use both methods.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what your niche is.  You can adapt the above techniques and examples for travel, health, fitness etc.

Another critical point.  Other than promoting your group on your personal profile, you have plenty fo scope to promote your primary money making offer on both your group AND your personal profile.  The point is that there is a symbiotic relationship with both.

Action Steps For Today’s Lesson

Homework for today is simple:  Create four small posts (one paragraph is ok) for your personal profile – value-based, social, engagement producing and promotional.  Don’t sweat over them too much – it should only take half an hour or so to do it.

Celebrate your wins daily.  So, head on over to The Tribe Builder Community group and share the good news.  Even if you only add one new lead/member to your group today, we want to know about it.  Be proud, be loud.

I trust you got value from today’s lesson.


Kim Willis


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