Facebook Group Challenge #5 - Best Practice Follow Up Method - Internet Marketing From Home

Facebook Group Challenge #5 – Best Practice Follow Up Method

Facebook Group Challenge 5 - Best Practice Follow Up Method

 OK, welcome to lesson 5 of The 10 Leads in 10 Days Facebook Group Challenge.
Hopefully, you did your homework from Lesson 4 – you wrote one authority building, engagement producing and lead getting post for your personal profile.  If yes, big congratulations to you.

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So today I’m going to kick off the first of a two-part series on conversion strategies.  This lesson will focus on effective follow-up.  For sure you must follow up your leads.  But like all things, there is a right and wrong way to do it.  This lesson will give you clarity on how to follow up your leads in a professional manner.

Effective follow up is not the only way to boost your sales conversions, but without it, you’ll find it difficult to gain traction and make money.

Conversion the Key to Leads, Sales, And Income

It’s all very well generating leads, but converting them is where the rubber hits the road.  Some people are great at driving traffic and generating leads but not so good at turning them into paying customers.

The good news is that your Facebook group will make it easier to improve your sales conversion rates.  The bad news is that without an adequate monetization and conversion strategy you will not make money.

The mere act of adding someone to your Facebook group does not in itself ensure you will make money.  So, some vital steps need to be taken to make the sales happen.  This lesson is an introduction to the topic; the next lesson will go into more depth.

Here are some ideas for you.

Follow Up = Fortune

I bet you’ve heard it before.  But it deserves repeating because many marketers are lousy on follow up.  Atrocious in fact.  They either don’t follow up or if they do, they do it very badly.

There is no substitute for sustained follow up.  You have a lead, so the lead must be followed up, right?

The Need to Hustle

Before we look at the specific follow up techniques, it is vital to discuss the related topic of hustling.  Most of the time I talk about the concept of the farmer marketer, that is, marketing is more about cultivation than hunting.  In the online business world, this translates to audience and community building which is often about content creation, relationship building, etc.  It’s important to note that building audiences are primarily marketing activities, NOT selling activities.

But there is another primary activity that also needs to be embraced – sales. While marketing is about building audiences and generating leads, sales work is about converting leads into sales.  Enter the hustler marketer.  All good marketers have a little bit of hustler in them, so for you to crack the code you have to incorporate some hustler style activities into your modus operandi.

That said, many people are not comfortable with hustling.  They feel if they appear ‘too pushy’ they’ll scare off prospects and experience a lot of rejection.  But if you incorporate professional techniques and always operate in an ethical way, you’ll probably find that it’s a lot easier than you think.

Anyway, here are some key points to get you thinking in the right way about this topic.  Take a look:

  • Avoid the temptation to wait for a prospect to buy from you
  • Hustle is not about spamming or pitching
  • Hustle should happen when a prospect is leaning forward
  • Hustle should occur when a solution has been given, and the prospect likes it
  • Hustle is about asking for the sale
  • Hustle is about professional follow up
  • People who don’t hustle leave a lot of money on the table

How do you feel now?  Are you more comfortable about adding a little hustle to your daily activities?  Good.  Read on.

The Follow Up Sequence

As stated, when you add a member to your group you are creating a lead for yourself.  But of course, the lead is probably lukewarm at best (exception: you have already had a lot of dialogue with them previously).  So how do you move them from cold/lukewarm to a point where they are a red-hot lead?

There are a couple of ways to move them to the next level.

  • Post Promotional Content In Your Group.  If done correctly, promotional content should get you some leads.  Some of my promo posts have produced as many as 80 leads.  Imagine that – eighty people leaning forward and asking for help.  And from one little post on Facebook!  What type of promotional post? Well, you could offer a free report (video or written form) and ask people to say YES in the Comment box.  This represents another touch point, so perhaps they have now moved up to a higher level of interest.  When someone has asked for your free giveaway, don’t include a link in your post.  Just ask them to comment – you can give them the free item via Messenger.
  • Initiate a Conversation.  If you are like most budding marketers, you don’t have a free report to offer.  No problem, chat to them anyway, on Messenger.  The way to convert a casual chat into an opportunity to do business is to ask questions that will uncover their hot button or pain point.  The mere fact that they joined your group suggests they’re interested in the theme of your group because they have a pain point.

Which Method Is Best? 

I often use the free report method.  I like it because prospects reveal themselves to you.  At other times I will ping new members on Messenger and ask them a question like: “I’m curious – why did you join my group?”  Their response will determine which way to go from there.  This was the method I used (and still use to this day) when I did not have a free report or an engaged audience.

You want prospects to ‘lean forward.’  The free report promotional post will do that, but so will a chat initiated by you for new members of your group.  Ask the right questions, intersperse them with a gold nugget tip or two, and you’ll have people eating out of the palm of your hand.

But when you start you probably don’t have a free report or a responsive audience.  This last point is important – it takes time to build responsiveness unless you have it already due to past activities.  So if you’re  a newbie, I suggest you go with option 1 for now.  So, just cultivate them on Messenger after they’ve joined your group.  When you get good at it, opportunities to do business will reveal themselves to you.

The Role of One On One Conversations.

One on one conversations are vital.  You conduct them when you first ask someone to join your group.  But it shouldn’t stop there.  When they join your group, thank them for joining.

After they have been in your group for a short time you can engage with them again.  Maybe you know their key problem and can initiate a conversation based on their known pain point  Otherwise just start chatting.  Now that they’re in your group, chances are they’ll be happy to engage further and let you know what troubles them.

So, when moving from cultivation mode to sales mode, put your prospecting hat on.  To be clear – you can’t help someone if you don’t know what makes them tick, a little bit.  If it was me I would want to get the ansrs to at least a couple of these questions:

  • Why did they join your group?
  • What problem do they want to solve?
  • What is their goal?
  • What strategies have they been using till now?
  • What results have they been getting?

When do you start prospecting?  Sometimes you can do it as soon as they join your group.  Flow is essential and if the person is easy to chat with, do it straight away.  Remember: you’re not pitching, you’re just asking questions, and being helpful.

And if you use the free report method, you have the perfect excuse to chat to them.

Types of One On One Conversations

One on one conversations can be voice or text-based.  I always start with a text-based chat, and if the prospect shapes up, I’ll move to a voice call.  Facebook Messenger can be a useful tool to employ – you can chat to them and also have voice calls, no problem.  The point is that after you have added them to your group, you should start engaging with them on Messenger as soon as you can.

Two Follow Up Methods

When I follow up leads generated within my Facebook group (or even on my personal profile) I usually start with FB Messenger, using the text-based chat facility.  As mentioned, if after discussion, the lead is showing a keen interest I will often suggest we switch to a voice call.  Although voice calls can be conducted on Messenger, Skype or Zoom are worthy alternatives.  Skype and Zoom have the added advantage of screen sharing.  So if you have something you want to show them you can share your screen.  Very powerful.

How to Follow Up With Messenger (Free Report Method)

Here is an example of a follow-up sequence:

EXAMPLE 1 – Engagement Producing Method

“Hi John, I noticed that you responded to my post about XXXXXXXXXXX today.  I’m looking forward to giving you access to the free report. I’m curious – what prompted your interest?”

After the person responds you could ask another question based on the answer they just gave you.  It’s up to you how much you banter with them before you give them your free item.

EXAMPLE 2 – Gated Content Method

Gated content means that you have erected a barrier between the prospect and the free offer.  In this instance the gate is your group – they have to join your group to get the free material/information.  So here is what you might say:

“Hey XXXXX,  the other day you requested my gift – NAME OF CHEAT SHEET OR OTHER OFFER. It was in response to my post titled, How to Make Money From a Facebook Group.

I’ve uploaded the info to my free group for my members.

Let me know if you’d like the link to the group to access the NAME OF CHEAT SHEET OR OTHER OFFER, and I’ll send you the link to join.

When you make your join request, I’ll approve you and welcome you to the community. Feel free to introduce yourself and tell us a little about you and your biz.

Let me know.  Your Name”

When to Follow Up

Don’t be over eager – it may scare off your prospects.  Instead, play it cool – I suggest you follow up 24-48 hours after they requested the cheat sheet/report.  Remember: posture is essential in marketing, so make sure you keep your head high and don’t ever give people the impression that you’re desperate.

How to Follow Up With Messenger (New Member Method)

This method is easier and faster than the Free Report Method.  You don’t need to create a cheat sheet – just ping the new member on Messenger.  After thanking them for joining your group, you can go straight into a Q & A sequence.  Here is an example (make money online niche):

“Hi John, thanks for joining my new group.  I’m curious – what product or business are you wanting to promote?”

“Ok cool, what’s your biggest challenge with it at the moment?”

No Links

Notice that no links are given in the first message (free report method or new member method).  You can provide them with a link after they have responded in the affirmative to your initial message.

How To Use Voice Calls to Boost Your Conversions

Voice calls require a higher level of communication skills, but if you’re good on the phone, great.  As with text-based messaging, the key is to find out why the person joined your group, or why they requested the free report.

If you have already had some dialogue with your prospect via text-based chats, you can continue the conversation with a voice call.

When conducting a voice call make sure you project confidence and enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm should be natural, not forced.  Importantly it should mirror the prospect’s tone.

Continue where you left off in the text chat.  Ask more questions, share your solution, validate with success stories, and do the business (ie make a sale).  If your solution involved sending them to a company video or webinar, do it then follow up again after they have watched it or attended a live presentation.

The Power Of the 3 Way Call

Another method I have used with great success over many years is the 3-way call.  It works particularly well for network marketers because they should have an upline they can enlist to help with the call.  The benefit of the three-way is that someone in authority will do the call for you.  You just listen and learn – take good notes too!

If you don’t have an upline leader who can do the call with you, consider hiring a sales mentor.  Part of their responsibilities could be to run the 3-way call program with you for a pre-defined period.

Action Steps For Today’s Lesson

Your homework for today is simple:  Send one follow up message to three of your new group members.  Don’t sweat over them too much – it should only take 5 minutes or so do it.

Celebrate your wins daily.  So, head on over to The Tribe Builder Community group and share the good news.  Even if you only add one new lead/member to your group, we want to know about it.  Be proud, be loud.

I trust you got value from today’s lesson.


Kim Willis


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