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Failing Forward – How to Turn Failure Into a Positive

Failure is Not a Dirty Word


Failure is a good thing.

There, I said it.

My past experiences have given me clarity about the topic of failure.  In essence, I believe that the best life and business lessons come from setbacks and failures.

Some of these setbacks felt like a kick in the belly from a jackbooted storm trooper.  Yeah, it hurt, and it stopped me dead in my tracks for a while.

An example:

In 2006, I had my back against the wall.  My traditional business (property and finance) was on the ropes, and I hadn’t paid myself a living wage for months.  Something had to change.  And change it did.  In October of that year, I joined an affiliate marketing program as a newbie online marketer. Fifty-five days later I had generated commissions of more than $AU50,000, and created a brand new career path for myself.

Ten years later here I am.  I’m still marketing online, but now things are different. I’m a digital nomad and live in Asia.  I love to explore different cultures and the decision I made back in 2006 enabled me to realize my dream.  In fact, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. But the point is that without adversity, it wouldn’t have happened.

If I DIDN’T have that major setback life would have stayed the same; in a rut, living in Brisbane Australia, and leading a comfortable but boring life.  Adversity was like an anvil – it forged a new me and a new life.

Not everyone sees things the way I do.  They see failure as an inherently bad thing – to be avoided at all costs.  Some don’t try new things because they’re so terrified of failure they’d rather take a pass on life, and cower in the corner like a terrified puppy dog. Thumbsuckers!

The key is to look at failures and setbacks not as stumbling blocks, but as stepping stones to bigger and better things.  It all depends on your attitude and your outlook on life.

Failing Forward by John C. Maxwell

Failing Forward (Turning Mistakes into Stepping Stones for Success)

Failing Forward - John C. Maxwell

Before I give you my little success formula, I want to mention a book that has had a positive impact on tens of thousands of people all over the world.  It’s called Failing Forward and famous American leadership expert, John C. Maxwell is the author.

According to Maxwell ‘the major difference between achieving people and average people is their perception of and response to failure’. Well said.  A lot of people see failure as an unmitigated disaster – the end of their world as they know it.

The book includes lots of examples and stories to inspire you and give you the mental tools you need to make a shift.   Look at the book as a strategic guide – it may help you move ‘beyond mistakes’ and reach your full potential.  

So if you haven’t read his book I suggest you do it – you can pick it up at Amazon.

How to Bounce Back From Failure, Rebuild, and Take Your Next Leap Forward 

So here are four steps you can take to help you quickly recover from setbacks:

1.) Let the Pendulum Swing

Years ago I went to a seminar to hear an American motivational speaker, Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones.  Charlie is dead now, but he left an indelible impression on his audience, including me. He was an old world southern gentleman with a larger than life presence – the kind of guy you would never forget.  He was also hysterically funny. So, apart from his jokes the thing I remember most was his story about the pendulum.

He said you shouldn’t panic when things go wrong because sooner or later the pendulum will swing back in your favor.  But there was one proviso – don’t quit! If you quit you will lose all of the hidden benefits derived from the work you’d done previously.  So the point is that you shouldn’t allow setbacks to deflect you.  You may be very close to a great future – you could be ‘that close’.

Nothing is linear – straight line progress doesn’t exist.  You move forward then a setback interrupts your well-laid plan (often at the most inconvenient times).  But hang in there because soon enough you’ll probably move forward again. - banner final

 2.) Look for the Lesson

The way I look at it is this: ‘one door shuts, another one opens’.  Is it true?  I reckon.  Even when something catastrophic happens, you need to press on.  So the message is that if you are to transition to the next stage of your journey, look for the message or the lesson.  There is always a lesson, particularly if the setback or failure came from an error in judgment on your part.

3.) Create a Vacuum

Have you heard of the Prosperity Law of Vacuum?  It works like this: create a space for the good you desire.  If you have clutter in your life, use your latest setback as an opportunity to get your house in order.  Clutter can include relationships that have passed their use-by date, too many non-essential activities (e.g., wasting time on Facebook), and physical items you don’t use anymore.  Get rid of them!  ‘Cleaning house’ is like a mental and physical spring clean before you reboot.

4.) Let Go and Let God

Motivational speaker, Bob Proctor, used to say that we need to ‘let go and let God.’  And it’s true. We must have faith.  Trust the process – you must believe that your next successful experience is just around the corner. Do you believe it? Good.  You have now been released from worry, angst and doubt!  That’s what faith is all about isn’t it?

Failing forward? Yep – failure is not a dirty word.  So keep your gaze firmly fixed on the future, not the past.

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  • Thanks Kim, I probably needed that. I have been ‘plodding’ along for so long now and getting absolutely nowhere. I’m not falling – but I am on the brink!
    I think I DO NEED a cleanout, primarily of my headspace! i envy you your decision (and capacity!) to totally change course.
    That’s out of the question for me but there is no reason why I can’t have a damned good clearout of some of the junky mindset that I have accumulated over the past 70years.
    Now all I have to do is to determine what is junk, and what I need to keep!
    Thanks for the poast.

  • Hi Chris

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Yes, you do need a cleanout. You’ve been given good advice – at no charge – on what to do (eg blog commenting), yet still seem to be scratching around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

    Focus on one thing EVERY DAY for 90 days – with no distractions, no deviation. You’d be amazed at your results.


  • Hi Kim,
    Failure is the next step to the success. Nice and inspirational post for sure.
    Thanks for sharing