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My Fun Life Review – Fair and Balanced

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Is My Fun Life the Real Deal?

One company that saw the growing trend of travel bloggers and people wanting to explore the many wonders of the world is My Fun Life. Instead of focusing on health and wellness like many other network marketing businesses, this company made the decision to have a presence in the travel industry.

If you’re like many people who would love to do more travel, but find it too expensive, My Fun Life may be the opportunity that can change things for you.  Not that the company is the only network marketing/direct sales type of business – think of competitors such as Resorts360, Global Resorts Network and World Discovery Club for starters.

What is My Fun Life?

My Fun Life (MFL) is a new MLM opportunity designed to give you a fun life by helping you make money in the travel and vacation industry. MFL banks on today’s generation’s penchant for cheap and affordable travel creating a purportedly phenomenal mobile app designed to change how people travel today.

The company saw how people try their best to find good deals on airfare, accommodation and other related expenses online. Keeping that in mind, the company designed a so called killer app that allows people to find great travel deals fast.

About the Product

What My Fun Life offers is an application that interested individuals can download for a fee. If other business opportunities have starter kits in order for you to get started, MFL is all about downloading an app that costs $21 per month. It is designed to allow you to start a home-based business where you book trips and get others to book their travels using the application.

The travel packages the app provides include discounts on the following:

  • Hotels
  • Cruises
  • Condo rentals
  • Airfare

In addition to discounted and affordable travel options, MFL is now also offering health and wellness products, which suggests that the original travel centric business model has not gone according to plan.

The MFL Compensation Plan

To get the most of your $21 app monthly fee, you need to take advantage of MFL’s compensation plan using the ‘revolutionary’ 3×10 forced matrix. At the top of the matrix is the new member where you need to recruit 3 affiliates to fill level 1. As the affiliates recruit other people to join and download the app, you have the chance to grow the matrix up to 10 levels deep hence more opportunities to earn commissions.

There are three ways to fill the matrix:

  1. Sponsoring new members yourself
  2. When someone above you sponsors new members
  3. When someone in your matrix sponsors new members

According to the matrix rows, the commissions per month are as follows:

  • Row 1 -$1
  • Row 2 – $2
  • Rows 3 to 6 – $0.25
  • Row 7 – $2

Where the Real Money Is

Filling the matrix to level 7 allows members to enjoy the potential of earning $4,000 or more per month in commissions. But the real money with My Fun Life is at levels 8 to 10. These levels will be unlocked only if you sponsor 20 new people for row 8, 50 people for row 9 and 100 people for row 10.

Every new member sponsored means earning a percentage of what they earn month after month. These earnings are paid via check matching bonuses and the percentage increases as you move from the bronze level to silver then gold and ruby and finally, diamond.

The Cha-Ching BookingSystem

If you opted to become a free member instead, you get free access to My Fun Life’s Cha-Ching Booking System. The system allows you to book the lowest rates on airfares and other travel related needs allowing you to earn cash back and commissions in the process.

When holidays are booked through Cha-Ching, MFL earns the following percentage commissions:

  • Hotel – 3 to 9%
  • Airfare – 0 to 1%
  • Cruise – 4 to 16%
  • Train – 2 to 6%
  • Car Rental – 3 to 7%

Of the MFL commissions, 50% goes to the customer while 10% goes to the sponsor of the customers. That means if a customer books a $1,000 vacation at 10% commissions, MFL earns $100. The customer gets $50 of that and the $10 is paid to the sponsor.

Is My Fun Life For You?

With its different ways to help new members earn money, MFL looks like a potentially good business to start at home.  But the key to success – as you would expect with a network marketing program – is recruitment.  And because of the low dollar commissions per sign up, you will need to recruit loads of people to make a great income.

The other point is that matrix plans have a very poor success rate.  They often take off like a rocket, but fizzle once the initial excitement dies down.  Few if any matrix plans develop into long term success stories.

If you’ve got your heart set on joining My Fun Life do it, and enjoy the ride.  On the other hand if you’re not sure you’re cut out for this type of business, then watch my CASH COW training video for an alternative pathway.


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