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How to Become an Extraordinary Blogger

According to the latest Internet statistics revealed by BlogPulse, there are 156 million blogs spread over the Internet. With such massive numbers, finding your own place in the blogging world can be very challenging.  The blogging world is similar to today’s corporate world where blog traffic is controlled by just the most significant 2 to 4 percent of all blogs. Hence, going with the crowd and being average is a symbol of mediocrity.

An Extraordinary Blogger Has Goals and Visions

Goals and visions are among the most important elements of successful blogging. Without goals and visions, bloggers won’t know where they’re going. Before starting your blog, you should first set goals and determine what you want your blog to become in coming years.

 An Extraordinary Blogger Knows His SEOs and LSIs Well

Search engine optimization (SEO) and latent semantic indexing (LSI) plays a crucial part in the success of every blogger. Certainly, extraordinary bloggers know their SEOs and LSIs well. They understand how search engines work and they know fundamental ranking techniques like backlinking, guest posting and article marketing.

 An Extraordinary Blogger Produces High Quality Content

The blogging world is governed by one age old principle – content is king. An extraordinary blogger does not only know how to market his blog; an extraordinary blogger also knows how to produce high quality content whether it’s a video, a podcast, or an article.

An Extraordinary Blogger is Active on Social Media Sites

Extraordinary bloggers know the power of social media and they know how to utilize it effectively. Social media sites like the networking sites Facebook and the micro-blogging platform Twitter are great ways on how to market your blog and reach a more targeted audience.

An Extraordinary Blogger is Always Consistent

Consistency is the most important element in blogging. Consistency calls for patience – something that’s lacking with many of today’s newbie bloggers. Extraordinary bloggers are those who have put constant effort each day, going forward despite the many challenges that lie ahead.

An Extraordinary Blogger Invites Different Points of View

A blog that features only one voice and a single opinion is dead boring. If you want to be an extraordinary blogger, you should learn to embrace differing opinions.  It’s important that you engage your readers by allowing them to speak their minds through the comment threads. Similarly, you can also provide different points of view with the help of guest bloggers.

 An Extraordinary Blogger Dresses His Blog For Success

A blog’s theme isn’t everything but it certainly contributes to the success of your blog. Selecting blog themes from free ready-to-use collections over the Internet is simply ordinary. Be extraordinary by personalizing your themes.
You can design your own themes with the help of Adobe Photoshop and then look for service providers who can convert it to WordPress, via outsourcing sites such as ODesk and Elance.

Can Your Blog Generate Leads For Your Home Business?

I’ve left the most important point till last.  If you’re reading this, chances are you have a business (like an mlm or direct sales business) and want more leads.  Perhaps you like the idea of using a blog to generate leads for your home business.  This blog has been generating leads for me for several years.  I dont get a huge flow of leads each week, but I have found that the quality tends to be better than leads generated from advertising for instance.
How long will it take before your blog generates leads?  The answer to that question will depend on a number of variables such as your keyword and  backlinking strategy.  It also helps if you have a sound understanding of SEO principles which should be applied to off page aspects (backlinking etc) as well as on page aspects such as the creation of blog posts and the optimisation of your site.  This blog started producing leads after 6 months had elapsed.  However you should note that if I really  knew what I was doing at that time, I would have likely been receiving fresh leads within just a few weeks.  Read one of my other blog posts for more ideas on generating MLM style leads with a blog..
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