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Getting What You Want – the Sting in the Tail……….

I meant Law of Vacuum, NOT law of vacuum cleaner!When I first began in the home business networking industry in 2006, I was asked by one of my first mentors, to give up something I valued.

He said that unless I was prepared to let go of some of my predilections I would surely fail.

What did he mean?

I think he meant – despite my protestations – that unless I gave up what I held dear, I couldn’t possibly develop the mental toughness and commitment necessary, to make my new venture successful.

So I gave up my fav TV programs, so I could have more time to phone leads.

I cut back on family time too.  Bit harsh?  Here was my rationale.
I figured that I needed a big effort to get momentum.  Momentum
would take about 3 months.  So making a 3 month sacrifice in family
time is a small price to pay, when considering the potential income benefit.

By making these 2 changes I would free up a bunch of time.  But it wasn’t not just about the time benefit.

Think of the extra mental power I got from making these changes.

Somehow the changes made me tougher, more resolute.  And this favourably impacted on the way I communicated with people.  Any wonder that I made $52,000 in my first 70 days?

Looking back I would say my early success was entirely predictable.

And this is because I learned many years ago, that 90% of getting what you want, is knowing exactly what you have to give up, to get it.

The list of things YOU must give up to succeed far beyond what you’ve ever experienced, does exist.

But only YOU know what you must give up, in order to get what you want.

If you write down all the habits you have that you KNOW keep you from success, you might get a rude shock.

However in order to get you closer to reaching your goals you have to create space for the good you desire.  That’s how the Prosperity Law of Vacuum works.

Do this over time and you will see just how simple reaching your goals and living your dreams can be.

You choose.

Don’t wait. Make your list of things to give up, so that you can get on the path to having everything you want.

Don’t wait. Do it today. Make your list, and take action on it.   “Or…your bad habits will take care of YOU!”

Go for it. Forget incremental thinking – do something HUGE.

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I've been an online marketer since 2006. During that time I've learned alot and made a full time living from month 1. I established this site to share my knowledge with you. Who knows - maybe you will change your life, just like I have.