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Global Resorts Network Review – Fair and Balanced

global resorts network (GRN) review

Is Global Resorts Network (GRN) the Real Deal?

The travel industry is now a multi-trillion dollar industry. If it continues to boom, there’s no surprise there. People, after all, love to travel. But what’s even better is to travel the world at a discount. This is what many of today’s travel network marketing companies like Global Resorts Network (otherwise referred to as GRN) offers. If you’ve been looking for an affiliate program for some time now, chances are you’ve heard of Mark Hoverson. He is an 8-figure earner and co-founder to Internet Lifestyle Network (ILN). He also started with GRN as an affiliate. In 2010, he became part owner of the company. Global Resorts Network is similar to other direct selling travel companies such as Resorts360 and World Discovery Club.

What is Global Resorts Network?

Global is a network marketing company with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. To be exact, it is a travel membership club which offers lifetime membership which means access to great deals on resort destinations around the world for literally your entire lifetime. The company was founded back in 2006 by Al Morales as an exclusive online marketing arm for a travel vendor. From a physical location to a virtual office, GRN used technology to offer exclusive affiliate memberships through its online portal. It means no meeting in hotels or joining a timeshare program anymore.

About the Product

As a discount membership club, what GRN essentially offers is an opportunity to save money on various 3, 4 and 5-star resorts around the world in addition to discounted rates on hotels, car rentals, cruises and airfare. Once you become a member, you are provided a username and password to enjoy private login access to over 5,000 resort locations around the world.

GRN Membership Levels

To become a member, you need to choose which of the three membership choices to purchase: • Silver Member ($2,995) • Platinum Member ($7,995) • Diamond Member ($11,995) Cost for the lifetime Silver membership is $2,995 with benefits such as access to all resorts offered, unlimited use to all other travel related discounts, travel 52 weeks a year and 2 premium weeks per year with concierge services. Other added perks are unlimited guest weeks, no recurring fees and you pay only when you use the week. More importantly, it is fully transferrable. The next option is Platinum membership which costs $7,995. It offers the same benefits with the only difference in annual vacation weeks. Instead of just 2 prime weeks, Platinum members get to enjoy 10 premium weeks per year. The third and most expensive membership option is the Diamond level at $11,995. It also offers the same benefits as the other two. The only difference, again, is with the annual vacation weeks. For this level, members are entitled with 20 premium weeks per year.

How to Earn Money with GRN

Like with any affiliate programs, you earn money with GRN by marketing the travel club membership as a retail product or as a home based opportunity to gain referral. Every successful referral means commissions. The more referral you bring into your network, the higher the commissions paid to you by the company. Depending on your membership level, you can earn whopping commission amounts up to $7,700. Silver members are paid $1,000 for silver sales. Platinum members are also paid $1,000 on silver sales and $3,250 on platinum sales. Finally, Diamond members are paid $1,000 on silver sales, $3,250 on platinum sales and $7,700 on diamond sales. In case, you opted for the free affiliate route instead of paid memberships, you can still earn money with GRN. First, you pay for the website and associated fees which cost $100 then you earn $250 per sale regardless of level. You also get the chance to upgrade to paid membership later on.

GRN Business Opportunity

Aside from an opportunity to become an affiliate for GRN, what makes it a viable and attractive option is the business side of things. Once an affiliate, you can opt to take advantage of the company’s tested formula. You just need to pay the $100 annual fee that will cover your website, hosting, bookkeeping and other related concerns. With a website to promote your business, it is easier to promote GRN to other people and make affiliates out of them. It also means higher commissions for every referral.

Is GRN a Scam or Legit?

When you look at GRN’s paid membership products, the prices may seem really expensive. A closer look, however, will tell you that the benefits are numerous. The opportunity to earn thousands of dollars in commissions is also a great incentive. But like with any other direct sales program, you need to work hard, maybe harder, to gain referrals. It’s certainly not a scam given the company’s track record. But again, you need to do your part to earn a legitimate income out of the travel club membership. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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