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Got the Employee Blues?

So my job scrambles my brain.   At least the boss pats my head.Read  an article on the weekend by Ruth Ostrow.  She made an interesting point about people and their relationship with their jobs.

Many don’t like their jobs and want a divorce!

In a global study by the Wall Street Journal, it found that almost 25 per cent of the global workforce is depressed.  Golly, that’s a big bunch of sad sacks.

It gets worse.  Only 12 per cent were optimistic about their jobs.  Ouch!

According to Ruth Ostrow another study backed up what the WSJ was saying.  This study by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention found that  20 per cent of the workforce suffered from mental disorders and drug or alcohol abuse.

This is serious stuff and suggests that many people are not getting fulfillment from their jobs.  Or maybe they have problems outside of their jobs, which impact their ability to work effectively.

Some of the work related problems were to do with lack of appreciation, lack of control, and bad relationships with the boss or fellow workmates.  Others said that the physical environment caused them stress.

Some also felt that ‘life was passing them by’.  This is an interesting point, because that is exactly what happens to many wage slaves.

The years pass quickly and before they know it, they’re looking down the gun barrel at middle age or retirement.  With not much to show for it.

These people are like the tumbling tumbleweed.  They just drift along, without much purpose or direction.  Their future is in the hands of others, and that is not a fun place to be.

No wonder they feel empty and unfulfilled.

Yet it could have been so different.  They could have traded a life of so called security for a life filled with opportunity, creativity and purpose.

Ah, give me that life any day. I’ll take my chances in the edgy world of business and opportunity.  And create my own destiny.

What about you?

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Kim Willis

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