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How to Handle Setbacks and Obstacles

A Kick In the Teeth and a Smack In the Face – How to Bounce Back


It feels like it was yesterday.

But in fact, it was (nearly) 5 years ago.

The date? November 8, 2011. That’s the day my wife died.

At that moment, my life changed forever. I’d been married for 37 years. She was my life partner, my lover, and my best friend.
(She was also the mother of my two sons.)

Yes, we had our ups and downs. And if truth be told our union was profoundly dysfunctional. Yet we held it together by virtue of grit, determination, and persistence.

Plus a whole lot of love.

Look I’m not Robinson Crusoe. I know you’ve experienced hardship too. I know you’ve experienced grief and tough times. Everyone has a story to tell.

So the real question becomes: how do we bounce back from adversity?

Before I answer it let me ask you two more questions.

Are you the sort of person who gets discouraged easily? Do you find it hard to handle setbacks and adversity? If that’s you I have good news for you today.

I’m going to show you a simple technique I’ve used to bounce back from many setbacks and hard times. Look out for it, but first…..

You need to know a little more about me.

I am a profoundly private person. I’m an introvert who does not make friends easily. Yet I love talking to interesting people.

Figure that out. Basically, I’m a crazy mixed up kid.

So yeah discussing any aspect of my private life is tough. And I rarely do it (exception: I share my travel stories a lot!)

But I’m doing it today to make a point. I hope you get something from it.

kick in the teeth 700X

Here it is:

We all face setbacks. Some of them are totally unexpected. And they hit us so hard……

Like a kick in the teeth from a jackbooted stormtrooper.

When it happens what should you do? Pick yourself up and start all over again. There is no other alternative. Sure you might adjust your game plan. But you must always be moving forward. Sadly, some people quit on things too soon.

Back From the Brink

When I lost my wife I didn’t function very well for a couple of years. But I kept working and soon enough some positive things happened, one of which was my decision to become a digital nomad. I had always wanted to travel so in 2013 I did exactly that. I jumped on a plane and headed for Asia. And I’m still travelling.

Is my life better as a digital nomad? Well, I’m certainly happier when compared to the period immediately after she passed. But I had to create that happiness. It was a conscious, rational decision to take control of my life.

I still miss my wife but realised not long after she died that the only way I could be made whole again was to create a completely new life for myself.

Which is exactly what I did.

The Takeout: Look For The Silver Lining

walt disney

I love this quote from Walt Disney:

“You may not realise it when it happens but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing that happens to you.”

Let me illustrate the point in a business context. A few years ago my primary source of leads evaporated overnight. And I had no Plan B.

But after whining and moaning for a couple of days I set about finding new ways to get leads. Today I generate leads from many sources, and in some respects that setback was the best thing that could have happened. It forced me to confront a weakness in my game plan and fix it permanently.

Some people shrink when they’re confronted with adversity, whilst others rise to the occasion and look for the silver lining. Instead of adversity, they see opportunity and abundance. Of course, when you lose someone close to you there are different emotions at play (such as grief), and it’s not possible to immediately put on your smiley face and carry on regardless.

But when it comes to business, setbacks and obstacles are the norm, not the exception. Therefore, it’s imperative to look for the lesson, the takeout, and the opportunity. Developing resilience and a capacity to bounce back quickly will largely determine your results in the future.

If you’re building a business you will have experienced setbacks. Some people experience a setback or two and fold like a pack of cards.
In the home business arena if you throw in the towel after a month you will pay a price.


You’ll be adding to your store of negative baggage. (And it may come back to haunt you in the future.) So hang in there. No matter what the obstacles.

So this is the takeout for you. Look at setbacks as an opportunity to learn, grow and prosper. Or to put it another way – one door closes, another one opens. If you encounter an obstacle in your business, look for the lesson, and a new angle. Get yourself re-excited, then regroup and press on.

Your greatest success could be closer than you think.


Kim Willis
Digital Nomad

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  • Thanks Kim, I really needed this today. My husband passed in 2007 and there are periods when I still crawl into the “black Hole”. Today was one of them, so your “How to Handle Setbacks” post really resonated with me. Time to pick up and get moving. Cheers

  • Hi Christine,

    I know exactly where you’re coming from. I still have days like yours.

    I’m also happy that you got value from my post.

    Creating a new life is not a linear experience. Sometimes it feels like one step forward and 2 steps back. The key is to try and stay focused, do one positive thing a day, and never quit.

    If you need help, let me know