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The Harsh Reality With Most Home Biz Marketers

The Instant Gratification Junkies

There are two things I’ve learned about most home biz marketers:

1. Most are struggling
2. Most jump from one thing to another

Perhaps one of the reasons they’re struggling is because they don’t focus on ONE THING long enough. 🙂

Marketers pitch me about all sorts of things.  Most of these jokers don’t have a track record of consistency.  They often flit from one shiny object to another.

A few examples:

  • A Plethora of Health/Weight Loss MLM’s. What happened to Skinny Body Care? And remember Vemma and Visalus? On it goes. 🙂
  • The Latest Hot Lead System. Then it disappears.
  • Wearable Technology. This one is already starting to tank.
  • E-Commerce. What happened to that one?
  • Binary Trading Schemes. No need to build a business. Just ‘invest’ and retire a millionaire in a year.
  • Various Other Ponzi Schemes  Including Crypto Currency Investment Schemes. Sit back and relax, make money in your sleep. Oh yeah.

So, here is what I do……

I keep doing my thing. Day after day, week after week, month after month.  I don’t get sidetracked by the glitz of shiny objects.

Sure it’d be nice to think there was a way to make fabulous money without doing any work.  But I ceased believing in pixies and unicorns after I transitioned from a child to an adult.

So yeah, I’m still grinding it out, after all these years.

If I spend money on ads, my historical returns have been 6X what I spent.  Add to that my advanced tribe building strategies.  Done organically at zero cost.

So while most marketers have jumped from one thing to another, I held firm.  And sales kept flowing.

Sometimes I check in on those guys who pitched me about their hot new deal, six months earlier.

Surprise, surprise.  They’re no longer doing it.  Back to the drawing board for them. 🙂

And every time they jump ship, they lose momentum, credibility – and money.  I’m convinced that these jokers have no idea about the laws of business.

One of those laws is the Law of Compounding Interest.

Every time they jump to something else, they have to start over again.

Ground zero for them.

Any compounding benefit they might have had till then will be lost.

That’s not how I work. For me, every day is a compounding day.  People KNOW I’m not flaky. 🙂

They know I hold firm and rarely get sidetracked or tempted by fads and nonsense.

So now you know how I run my business. And I’ve got the results to prove it.

Are you at that point in your journey where you’re sick of the nonsense, the hype, and the BS?

Maybe you’ve been wasting time and money on strategies that don’t work, no matter how hard you try.


I might be able to help you. I’m happy to invest a little time to help good people. Without strings. 🙂

Let’s chat and see where it takes us.

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About the Author Kim Willis

I've been an online marketer since 2006. During that time I've learned alot and made a full time living from month 1. I established this site to share my knowledge with you. Who knows - maybe you will change your life, just like I have.

  • Hi Kim,

    I have to confess that WAS me, until about a year ago. But I am a reformed character now – promise! I am completely fed up of starting over and over again.

    It’s partly been through watching one guy who puts himself about as a Leader, and I did join one business in his team. But the support from him was pretty patchy. Then he moved on from that business to something else, and something else again.

    If I scroll through his messages to me even this year there must be at least four different “businesses” – and if you ask him what happened to the previous one, he doesn’t want to pursue that conversation.

    So he has been a shining example of what NOT to do.

    I’ve also learned to take with a pinch of salt people’s hype and BS. That was after someone told me he had earned $3,000 in the first week, and then I realised that the “earning links” weren’t even switched on!!

    Yes, slow and steady wins the race for me going forward.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

  • Hi Joy, your reply confirms to me that there are so many fake and phony people in the IM space. I suspect the primary reason is that they didn’t want to earn their stripes, learn their craft, be patient and wait for results to come. Thanks Joy

  • Reji Stephenson

    Focusing on one niche or one task is the most important one. Every day we are getting distracted by false claims. Many claim that they are successful and earning lots of money and try to promote some ponzi schemes or other sort of affiliate programs. But almost all of them seem to be a scam business. Those scam businesses try to collect affiliates who in turn become their promoters.

    Trying to keep calm and concentrate on one thing that is best and we know all about it, is the best thing.
    Very good thoughts on this area. Thanks for posting this.
    Reji Stephenson