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Home Based Business Success – How to Overcome Inertia


How to Overcome Inertia in Your Home Based Business

Who do so many people find it hard to get into action and make things happen?

The word that comes to mind is Inertia.  If you check a dictionary you will see  that inertia is:

“a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.”

There are three main reasons why we experience inertia:

  • We’re Unmotivated
  • We’re Scared
  • We’re Unfocused.

Anyway, take a look at my short video which shows you how to overcome the problem:

4  Ways to Overcome Inertia

1. Get Clarity

When you have clarity, you’ll be much more likely to take action.  Clarity gives you a clear picture of the future which is a vital pre-requisite for success.

2. Get Excited

Go back and revisit your business.  See if you can rekindle the love affair you once had for it.  If you can recapture the initial excitement you originally had, good for you.  Another option is to re-visit your goals – your why.

3. Get Angry

If the first two techniques don’t work, try this one.  Get mad at yourself.  Beat yourself up a bit.  I use this one – and it gets the adrenaline going, which helps boost my energy levels.

4. Get Into Action

Having completed Steps 1,2 and 3 you should be hot to trot. Your adrenaline is pumping – so rather than waste it, get into action RIGHT NOW.  Don’t wait.  Now is your chance to shine!

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