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How to Write An Article a Day

write an article a day
1. Study Your Niche

Check out industry forums and see what other people are writing about it.  Try and determine which topics people are most interested in. You can also type in your niche or topic specific keywords and see what comes up.  Look for quality content and avoid the spruikers who publish junk content.  Then copy and paste their best paragraphs and see if you can create something similar.

Create a List of Topics

Now that you’ve done your research you should easily be able to create a list of topics that people would be interested in.  A good place to start is to create ‘how to’ content – tips and ideas to help people get better results.

Extract the Key Points

Choose from the best articles and extract the key points, then paste them into your blog editing box.

Write 500-600 Words

Write some content for each of the key points – just a few paragraphs will be fine.  You should be able to create a finished blog post – 500-600 words –  in about an hour or so.

Try Content Curation

Content curation makes the whole article writing task much easier.  Simply copy and paste part of someone else’s quality content into your blog editing box.  Then top and tail the content with your own comments.  Give attribution to the source of the article including a link back to their site.

I’ve used this approach many times – and you can create one of these articles in 20 minutes.  Keep in mind that although most of the content will not be yours, you can in effect ‘own it’ by including an opening paragraph whereby you introduce the content and then add a final paragraph of commentary at the end of the introduced content.

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