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Hunter or Farmer. What Type of Marketer Are You?

hunter or farmer marketer

Sow the Seeds, Cultivate the Soil, and Prepare For Your Harvest

Some marketers aren’t sure whether they’re Arthur or Martha.

The conventional view amongst many is that marketers need to be hunters.  They’re the ones who see prospects as quarry waiting to be hunted and devoured.

But the problem is that few people have those attributes.

Sure the hunters can be effective at making sales in the offline world.  But in the online world, they often don’t do as well.  Why?

The internet is a funny place.  Most people are skeptical, suspicious and lack trust.  Spamming people on, say Facebook, is a fast way to sully your reputation and get you banned.  You become a pariah and few people will do business with you.  Those methods may make some sales from low-quality people.  But smart, discerning people will give you a wide berth.

So is there a place for the hunter in the online world?  Absolutely.

Now let’s look at the role of the farmer.  The farmers of this world can prosper offline and online.  But the farmer method is much more suited to the online world.  Why? Farmers take a longer term view.  They are great at cultivating people and winning trust.

So in the online world, farming is about creating content and nurturing contacts.

Is this issue of farmer and hunter an either or situation? No.

The reality is this:

You need to be both. But only the best marketers understand this – and practice it on a daily basis.  Some people spend too much time nurturing and cultivating leads. So, they don’t do much business.

But, the hunters burn people. They scare them. The best quality people will not do business with these low-rent hustlers.

An example.

Recently a guy got upset with me after I pointed out to him his sales pitch was aggressive and impolite. He thought it was quite ok to abuse my time and insult my intelligence. Will I EVER do business with him? Not a chance.

The Way Forward. If you don’t yet have the ‘know, like, and trust’ factor working in your favor, put your farmer’s hat on. Conversely, if you know people who already trust and like you, put your hunter’s hat on. It’s time to bag a live one!

Prepare the Soil

I’ve given this section the title Prepare the Soil for a simple reason.  You need to create the right environment so your ‘seeds’ can sprout, grow, and produce an abundant harvest.

You should not focus on the instant gratification allure of ‘now money’, as attractive as it may be.

Just as a farmer always invests for the future, you should do likewise. True entrepreneurs do the same thing.  They must ensure they have enough short-term cash flow to pay their bills, no doubt.  But a true entrepreneur wants to create enduring value for the future.  So does the farmer.

Farmers know how important it is to prepare the soil for their future plantings.  The better they do it, the more likely it is that the soil will produce plentiful crops.

So in practical terms what does it mean to prepare the soil?  Well, in a marketing related way, the ‘farmer marketer’ will do things like:

  • Build their brand early.
  • Create a blog or use other branding tools to differentiate themselves from others.
  • Invest a part of current earnings in advertising and other promotional activities.
  • Invest in marketing education and personal development.
  • Will not panic and act like a juvenile if they don’t get quick results!

The above list is not definitive.  But it gives you an idea how to separate you from the pack of marketing deadbeats that pervade this space.

You can change the marketing dynamic.  Rather than hunting people, turn the tables so they hunt you down and want to do business with you.  Read on.

How to Become the Hunted

Use Pull Marketing

So what are the basics of marketing?  Well to me it’s about positioning yourself so people will seek you out and WANT to do business with you.

Forget all that old style ‘hunt ‘em down’ stuff.  This is where it’s at in the internet age.

When you understand the basics of personal branding and positioning you can install a Pull Marketing strategy.  Pull Marketing is better than push marketing because people will be approaching you.  For sure, many home business marketers will see this as a breath of fresh air.

No more chasing family and friends, no more embarking on shopping mall ‘hunting’ excursions.  And no more bumps in elevators.

Of course for any of these strategies to work you have to make the mind shift first.  That may be difficult because the actual ‘doing’ aspect is quite simple.  But if the brain ain’t ready then implementation will become a chore.

Industry luminary Mike Dillard coined the phrase ‘Become the Hunted’.  It is better to have people approach you than you approach them.    Become the hunted, NOT the hunter is the name of the game.

When I first read it in 2007 it hit me like a ton of bricks.  So simple, yet it SO made sense.  So I determined that from that time forward I would do whatever it takes to become the hunted, not the hunter.

So to recap, here are the key points:

  • ‘Pull Marketing – Not Push Marketing’ should be your guiding philosophy
  • You attract people to your offer or program by also attracting people to you (YOU as your brand)
  • This is More About Farming Than Hunting

You want to attract people to you, like bees to a honey pot. And here is how you do it.

You position yourself as a person who is worth doing business with.  Think of yourself as You Inc or You Incorporated. A business is the sum total of the talents and attributes of the people who work in it.  In a similar way, you are the sum total of all your talents, belief systems, and personal attributes.

Keep in mind that people don’t just buy products.  For them, it is usually more than a financial decision.  It is also an emotional decision.  You may have the best product in the world but if a prospect doesn’t feel good about the people promoting it, the sale won’t be made.  Your company may indeed be upstanding and respected, but at the end of the day, people buy people first.  Then they will buy the product.

Simple Attraction Marketing Blueprint

How do you position yourself as a person worth dealing with?  Here are some pointers:

  1. Be a Source of Value.
  2. Create Authority Content.
  3. Build Your Tribe.
  4. Promote In a Smart Way.  

I used the above strategies so that people hunt me down, credit card in hand WANTING to do business with me.

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  • Excellent points Kim!

    And becoming the hunted, has so many more
    positive, long term affects and benefits as well.

    “Pull Marketing” as you referred to, is so much easier and profitable
    to implement long term.

    And it steadily opens more and more doors of potential opportunities
    and marketing possibilities.

    It’s really like the positive, residual snow ball affect, finally being
    put to work for, not against us.

    Great real world advice as per usual!