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The Comedy Store – and a Lesson For Home Biz Marketers

A few weeks ago my son and I were in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Damien is a bit of a car nut so was super happy when I hired a convertible Mustang. Here it is here Anyway one of the first things he did was go to the Comedy Store for a dose of stand up comedy. […]

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Network Marketing Leads – Use Article Marketing Strategies

Article marketing can be a great way to build site traffic and leads for your network marketing business. Article marketing is the process of submitting articles to directories so that others can post them to their websites as content. Each time someone posts your article you get a link, sometimes two, back to your site. […]

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Yikes. 72 year Old Says Secret to His Success Is…….SEX!

Had a funny experience when in Singapore last week I was standing at the pedestrian crossing waiting for the ‘Walk’ sign. A sprightly Indian gentleman sidled up beside me. He wanted to talk. And talk he did. As the walk sign appeared we crossed the road, then into the nearby shopping centre.  All the while […]

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Empower Network – Make Easy Money With Emails

Last week I had a girl ask  me this question: ‘How do you do it?’ She wanted to know how I write good copy for my emails. So today I’m going to give you a few tips. Hope you like them. Keep in mind that building your list should be your number 1 priority. But […]

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Article Marketing For Network Marketers. Does it work?

Can article marketing work for network marketers? Yes and No. If you’re a died in the wool traditional network marketer, I reckon that No –  it won’t work.  Why?  Traditional network marketing is all about offline hustle and bustle.   Duplication is the name of the game and article marketing strategies do not duplicate quickly.  That […]

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