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Affiliate Marketing: Sales Funnel BS

Why Fancy Pants Sales Funnels Are a Waste of Space So today I want to talk about sales funnels. A lot has been written and said about them. Internet marketers have taken the whole sales funnel thing to another level. Turned them into an art form. But sales funnels are not new. Old style offline […]

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How to Use Effective Messaging to Attract Quality Reps For Your Home Business

How to Use Laser Targetted Messaging to Attract Highly Targetted Leads For Your Home Business If you run a home business with a network marketing aspect, you should find this post helpful.  Even if you’re an affiliate marketer or a top tier marketer, I know you’ll get benefit from it. Why? Apart from selling products, […]

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overcome phone fear

7 Ways to Overcome Fear of the Phone

Is Phone Fear Preventing You From Reaching Your Full Potential? My Pathetic Tale of (Phone Fear) Woe How is it with you and the phone? You comfortable with it or is it like a lead brick – too heavy to pick up? That’s how it was with me back in 2006.  The phone and I […]

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Killer Copy Writing Tips Graphic

6 Dead Simple Steps to Writing Killer Copy That Converts

Use Killer Copy to Make More Sales Writing sales copy is both art and science.  A lot of people struggle with it, so I decided to write this short blog post so you can gain some clarity on how to give more oomph to your sales letter, sales pages and blog.  Take a look. Step 1: […]

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Blog Commenting for Leads Classroom

Blog Commenting For Leads – How to Get More

Blog Commenting For Leads – An Easy Free Way to Do It   Here is a simple way to gain more credibility, plus traffic and leads for your blog. It’s called blog commenting, and it works a treat.  I’m about to start a blog commenting campaign for this site after getting really good results on my […]

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9 Mistakes That Will Get You Fewer YouTube Leads

Want More You Tube Leads?  Avoid These Mistakes! Take a look at this super brief video I recently recorded.  It’s about the mistakes that lots of people make when they record a video. The key to success with You Tube is to get some engagement happening.  This in turn will help your rankings on You […]

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persuasion psychology dictionary meaning

Persuasion Psychology – Theory and Practice

How To Get Under People’s Skin So They Almost Beg You to Buy Your Stuff. Part 1 Many years ago I had a sales mentor by the name of Larry Thompson. One of the things I remember about him was his extraordinary ability to persuade people to his point of view. He could do it […]

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Your Regular Marketing Skinny #17

Your Regular Marketing Skinny Hey, if you didn’t read my last Marketing Skinny, get it HERE 1. Hookers and Me (it’s not what you think) CLICK HERE 2. Should Newbie Marketers Avoid Spending Money On Ads? CLICK HERE 3. The Bangkok Blahs (Bored Out Of My Brain In One Of The World’s Most Exciting Cities.) […]

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Over the Shoulder Sales Letter Tutorial

Sales Letter Mini Tutorial You have a product to market and need to crank up your sales.  One of the first jobs is to write a sales letter. You can create a text based sales letter or a video sales letter – or a combination of both. On this short over the shoulder video I […]

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Top 5 Ways to Follow Up Leads So You Convert More of Them Into Sales

Top 5 Ways to Follow Up Leads So You Make Lots More Sales 1. Call Them The phone is still the best tool for conversions. But the downside is that you must have good communication skills to make it work. Can you learn the skills required to get the sales and sign ups flowing? Yes […]

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