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3 Ways to Handle MLM Objections

How to Handle 3 Common MLM Objections Many novice marketers fear objections.  They see them as an affront and are just another way for prospects to say ‘not interested’.  But this is not always the case.  In fact often when a prospect offers an objection it is really simply a request for more information. Look […]

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MLM Newbies and the Credibility Problem

How to  Build Your Business With Zero Credibility Whether you are an old style network marketer or one of the new breed of online marketers, when you get started you will have a credibility problem. This is particularly the case if you have embraced the attraction marketing model, and want to brand yourself as someone […]

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MLM Leads – Who Hates to Follow Up?

I don’t know about you, but lots of people seem to have a problem with following up their leads.  This is the feedback I often get from some people in my team, so I guess other leaders experience the same problem from time to time. So what can be done to make it easier to […]

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How to Overcome the Warm Market Blues

Why do so many people have a hang up about approaching their warm market (friends and family)? It’s to do with belief – or lack of. Some people rationalize by saying it’s ok to talk to strangers about their product or opportunity, but no way will they talk to their warm market. Yet on a […]

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‘How Much Are You Making?’ What to Say

It happens to every newbie. You kick off your new mlm venture with enthusiasm.  You approach some of your warm market contacts, and BANG, you get THE question……….. ‘How much money are you making?’ What to say?  You’re so new that you haven’t made a cracker yet. There are different ways to respond to this […]

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How to be a Genius on the Phone (and convert lots more leads)

Not everyone is great on the phone. And certainly if you have a home based business (including an MLM or network marketing business), you will be using the phone regularly. I speak to a lot of people every day and often I am struck by the poor phone communication skills evident in the person I […]

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How to Overcome the ‘How Much Are You Making?’ Question

So you’ve not long started with your company.  You want to build a team, but because you’re new you haven’t yet earned a cent. How the dickens you gonna handle it when someone asks you these questions? How long you been doing this business? How much money have you made? Ouch!  These questions put you […]

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Create Great Autoresponder Headlines

Are Your Auto Responders Lame? You may have a great offer and  a great product, but if people don’t see your message, what’s the point? The use of an auto responder email system enables you to send messages to your list easily.  But first you gotta get your email opened.  Therefore a most important skill […]

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