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Getting Your Priorities Right – The Place For Attraction Marketing

I love online marketing.  It’s my fav activity – particularly anything to do with Attraction Marketing.  I use the MLSP system).   Attraction marketing isn’t just about the internet.  People have been using it for ages in the offline world. You can practice Attraction Marketing (online AND offline) at a local level.  You can also use […]

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3 Step Success Formula

I might not know much, but one thing I do know that success in your home business can be boiled down to a few key principles. With this thought in mind I recently recorded a short video which highlights the 3 key principles I have employed to help me attain success in the home business […]

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Is Online Really the Right Way to Go (or is it just a bunch of crap)?

I read an interesting post on David Wood’s blog a while ago and have been following the comments ever since. The theme of his post is that online methods for network marketers are overrated, and that network marketers should not neglect the traditional, proven offline methods. Although David Wood’s style can be irritating in the […]

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Which is Better, Online or Offline Marketing Methods – and Does It Really Matter?

Yesterday I went to an amazing all day seminar. The seminar was hosted by a large networking marketing business by the name of ACN. I had been invited by a friend and because I respect my friend, I accepted the invitation. Normally I wouldn’t go to one of these things.  I mean traditional network marketing […]

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Pull Marketing is Still the Way to Go

Anyone who talks to me for any length of time will hear me talk about the concept of Push Marketing versus Pull Marketing.  In fact I wrote about Pull Marketing a while ago. A week does not pass without me seeing another vivid example (or  more) of pull marketing at work.  Pull marketing is about […]

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Can You Make Money From An Online Home Based Business?

By Kim Willis A Look at Some Online Home Based Business Options Lots of people like the idea of working from home in their own Online Home Based Business. Making online money has become a hot topic for lots of people. Many have found that a home-based online businesses can actually work. This is especially […]

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President Clinton Gives Network Marketing a High 5!

This video shows President Bill Clinton giving network marketing a really favourable endorsement.  Although he was never in business himself, he knew that the great driver of the US economy is the entrepreneurial ‘animal spirits’.  Network marketing is a pure form of capitalism, which has overcome many obstacles, yet still flowers.  Take a look at […]

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Why Robert Kiyosaki Says YES to Network Marketing

Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad poor Dad fame says if he started all over again he would join a network marketing company.  Here he gives sound reasons why gives network marketing the thumb’s up.

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Do You Have to be a Bastard to Succeed in Your Home Based Business?

I had a big smile on my face the other day when I watched nice guy Jeff Bridges win the Academy Award for Best Actor. I had a special reason to smile – and cheer.  You see, Jeff and me go way back!  True.  Yep, I met him in the eighty’s on the set of […]

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