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8 Ways to Get More Facebook Fans

One thing is certain.  If you want to make money from Facebook, you need friends AND fans.  Friends for your personal page, and fans for your business page (aka fan page). Assuming you have a business page already set up, you will want lots of fans.  When you have fans any updates you add to […]

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Article Marketing For Network Marketers. Does it work?

Can article marketing work for network marketers? Yes and No. If you’re a died in the wool traditional network marketer, I reckon that No –  it won’t work.  Why?  Traditional network marketing is all about offline hustle and bustle.   Duplication is the name of the game and article marketing strategies do not duplicate quickly.  That […]

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Neat Way to Invite Friends to Your Facebook Page

If you hve a Facebook page or thinking of getting one, inviting friends to give it the thumbs up is step number one,. But it can be a tedious affair. Instead if doing it the hard way, try this sneaky little ninja ‘Facebook Page’ trick.

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How to Add a Featured Content Gallery (or Slider) to Your WordPress Blog

I’m not real strong on all this technical mumbo jumbo, but a nice technique for those of you have a blog is to use a content slider. I saw my son develop one on his blog site, and asked him to help me with one of my sites.  Check it out: MLM News Site Anyway […]

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Create Great Autoresponder Headlines

Are Your Auto Responders Lame? You may have a great offer and  a great product, but if people don’t see your message, what’s the point? The use of an auto responder email system enables you to send messages to your list easily.  But first you gotta get your email opened.  Therefore a most important skill […]

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Can Social Media Drive a Welter of Dollars to Your Door?

When it comes to making money online, one thing is certain: You gotta have people to talk to. And if you’re going to make serious money from your home business, you need QUALITY people to talk to.   But more than this, u really need to be talking to these people on the right basis. So […]

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