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(Interview) Kim Willis and How He Generated $9k First Month Online as a Newbie

When I was at a high end Mastermind in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia in July, my friend Samith Pitch (another attendee) pulled me aside for an interview.  Unfortunately the first part of the interview was lost due to a technical problem, but there is still some good ideas on the remaining segment.  Check it out……

2 thoughts on “(Interview) Kim Willis and How He Generated $9k First Month Online as a Newbie”

  1. Hey Kim,
    You are SO right… With all the information, education and knowledge that we acquire, if we don’t believe we can have success then they will all just be experiences we’ve had and nothing more.
    You have to see it, believe it, feel it and dream about it. That’s what I’ve learned from my own experiences. It’s like the whole package that we have to have in order to bring about all that we’ve so desired.
    Thanks for sharing your own experience with us and sorry we missed the first part of the video. I think you hit the best part here though!

    • Hi Adrienne
      Thanks for your great words!
      And apologies for my late reply – I couldn’t figure out how to reply with this Disqus plug in till 20 minutes ago!!!!!! (yes I am total technophobe)
      Re your point about belief. i agree totally. Belief is the missing agreement for most people. And it’s their lack of belief that undermines them at every turn.
      It seems that many people have little or no belief right from the get go, which is not a good basis to start a new venture.
      One of the reasons I have often done well is that when starting a new project, in every instance I had some belief before I launched. Sure I had doubts too, but my positive inner voices tended to swamp the negative ones for a prolonged period of time. Long enough for the dollars to flow.
      Thanks again Adrienne – you rock!
      Yes I agree


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