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Iron Mike Tyson: “Everyone Has A Plan Till They Get Punched In the Face”

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There’s More to Iron Mike Tyson Than Meets the Eye

Graphic pic, graphic quote

That’s how it is with ‘Iron Mike’ Tyson

Tough as steel yet (paradoxically) he cries like a baby

A brute in the ring and often off it, yet has a ‘feminine’ side that sometimes completely disarms his most vocal critics.

So let’s take a look at the quote:

‘Everyone Has a Plan Till They Get Punched in the Face.’

Do you think he’s talking about boxing or is there a deeper meaning?  Look at it as a boxing metaphor – go beyond the literal and look for the real message.

Essentially he was saying that sometimes life throws a curveball even when we least expect it.

Life’s like that.  It’s random, and a lot of what happens to us is completely outside of our control.  That’s why we seek comfort in religion, philosophy, new age doctrines, even political ideology, so we can make sense of a chaotic world, or control our environment as best we can.

When Mike Tyson was getting pounded by an opponent, he didn’t just take it on the chin (literally or otherwise) and curl up in the corner of the ring.  He fought back.  He pressed on regardless, and often he won the match with brute force and an iron will.

So that’s the takeout for you and me?  You’re building your home based business.  You are going to get smacked around.  You’ll have lots of setbacks, and sometimes you’ll feel discouraged.

Iron Mike Tyson, fight highlights……

4 Ways to Bounce Back From Defeat

Many people quit because they can’t handle the setbacks.

What to do about it?

Well, it helps if you’re naturally persistent, like me.

But there are some techniques you can use to strengthen your backbone and give you the motivation and resolve to press on regardless.

Here they are:

1. Rekindle Your Love Affair

Not with your partner, although that might be a good idea too.  I’m referring to your purpose – get all warm and fuzzy about the reason why you are building your home based business.  Some call it the ‘why’ factor, and there is no doubt that you must have a big why if you are to succeed in any field of human endeavour.  So, what is your ‘why’? - banner final

2. Do a Training

Whenever I feel discouraged, I’ll watch a training video.  Invariably the training will get my creative juices going again, with the result being that my motivation takes a leap forward.  Soon enough, I’m back on track again.

3. Talk to An Uplifter

If you live too much with your thoughts, you could experience a downward spiral resulting in a premature exit from your industry. What a shame!  Don’t let it happen, instead, force yourself to pick up the phone and talk to someone who can give you the attitudinal lift you need.

4. Set a Bigger Goal

This tip might seem a little weird.  After all, if you’ve just experienced a setback why rub salt in the wound and set an even bigger goal than you had before?  Good question and here’s what I’ve found: a big goal can be very motivating.  It has the potential to galvanise us into action. Soon, you may find that your dark mood is behind you – and you’ll be onwards and upwards once again.

I also wrote on this topic in a previous blog post, How to Handle Setbacks and Obstacles.

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