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Jaime Soriano – 40 Leads a Day With Solo Ads

jaime soriano mlspI’ve never used Solo Ads to generate leads.

But after listening to Jaime Soriano on the MLSP Training webinar last week I am now a convert.  Solo Ads rock!

Jaime has been using solo ads to generate 30 – 40 leads a day.  Wow!

Solo advertising is about placing advertisements on Ezines that get mailed by publisher’s to their list.  They are called Solo Ads because your ad is the only one that will appear.

Ezine publisher’s will charge for advertising in different ways, but pay per click is best.

Some of his tips are as follows:

1. Run Ads With a Relevant Publisher.  In other words make sure the theme of the provider’s newsletter is a good match for your niche.

2. Contact the Publisher First.  Ask them about their list including the results that other advertisers have been getting.

3. Create Good Ad Copy.  A good headline with a great offer of course is mandatory

4. Test Small, Track and Scale.  Don’t blow your ad budget.  Meticulously test a small campaign, then scale it up when you know you have a winner on your hands.

Jaime Soriano and His Simple Formula

Jaime aims for a conversion rate from his ad clicks of 3 per cent.  So on that basis 3 per cent of 500 clicks would yield 15 sign ups.

Profitability will depend on the value of the product you are marketing, and the profit margin that flows from that value.

For instance if you are marketing the Empower Network program (and assuming you are at least qualified at the $25 pm AND the $100 pm commission level), I will assume an AVERAGE commission of $35 per month.

Therefore 15 sign ups at $35 per month commission should produce a recurring income of $525.

If we also assume that the cost of the solo ad clicks is $250 for 500 clicks, you can readily see that in month 1 your profit is $275.  But it gets better than this.  In month 2 you will receive recurring income from your Empower Network members.  And that income will be pure ‘cream’.


Thanks Jaime for your generous sharing session at the My Lead System Pro webinar.  You rock!


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Kim Willis

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