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Karatbars International Review



Karatbars International – Is it the Real Deal?

Whether you’re a novice in precious metal investing or a seasoned financial investment expert, Karatbars International offers a new opportunity for people to afford buying gold bars while also earning additional income on the side. If you’re not keen in building your own network, you can simply sign up for free and open a savings account. On one hand, if you wish to earn more residual income, incentives and bonuses, you are can join the thousands of Karatbars affiliates who are making both part-time and full-time income through the company’s program.

What is Karatbars International?

Founded back in 2011, Karatbars International pioneered the sale of small gold bars and gift items using the network marketing system. Harald Seiz, the founder and owner, is a self-made man with stellar track records in insurance and real estate before moving on to the precious metals business in 2008 where he became the top provider in just seven months.

Banking on his success and expertise in financial services, Seiz ventured further and created Karatbars International with the aim of making small gold bars available globally. To date, the company is now operating in over 70 countries selling gold bars in various forms not only to the rich but also for the common investor. It has its headquarters located in Stuttgart, Germany and the goal is to eventually expand to all 194 countries worldwide.

About the Product

Karatbars International offers gold bars of premium quality and guaranteed value. Gold bars are sold in a range of different forms including collectibles, gift cards, country cards, 1 gram gold cards and merchandise among other things.
The company also only works with suppliers that are listed and recognized under the “London Good Delivery” standard. Atasay and Degussa are its current suppliers providing the company with a stable supply of gold bars that are designed according to company specifications.

To guarantee value and stability, for instance, all Karatbars 1 gram gold bars distinctly and exclusively boast of the following characteristics:

• Stamped with a valid trademark
• Laminated with UV protective film
• Has the Assayers signature
• Has a unique hologram as security feature

How to Become an Affiliate

In sync with the company’s vision to make gold bars available in the worldwide mass market, Karatbars offers people an opportunity to open a free savings account with the company. Once you have an account, you are free to upgrade to become an affiliate to be eligible for commissions.

As an associate, you are not required to buy or sell gold to enjoy first level commissions. However, if you want to earn more with Karatbars network marketing program, you’ll have to invest and purchase one of its packages which include bronze, silver, gold or the VIP package.

The Karatbars Compensation Plan

Like any typical MLM company, you’ll earn financial rewards with Karatbars by buying and selling gold while also building your own network. There are several different ways to get paid with Karatbars which are paid monthly or weekly depending on the affiliate program. Among the ways to earn with the company include:

1. Direct Commission
2. Unilevel Bonus
3. Generation Bonus
4. Fast Start Bonus
5. Package Bonus
6. Karatbars Pool
7. Karatbars Gold Funds

With respect to its affiliate program, there are two you should know about. One is the Unilevel Affiliate Program which is for free and offers monthly payouts on your personal referrals and their referrals. The other option is the Dual Team Affiliate Program where you need to purchase a Silver, Gold or VIP Package. Opting for this route means you’ll enjoy affiliate marketing incentives which are paid weekly. You’ll also receive affiliate tools to help you recruit more people more effectively.
Once you open an account with Karatbars International, you are automatically registered into both systems allowing you to build your own business through network marketing.

Is it for Real?

Though the company has its fair share of criticisms and scam accusations, Karatbars International is a legit company with a founder who knows what he is doing. Since starting in 2011, the number of counties the company is currently serving continues to increase, a clear indication that members are benefiting generous rewards through Karatbars International’s dual system affiliate program.

Now when it comes to deciding on whether the company is right for you (or not) is completely up to you. If you’re interested in gold bars as a security investment option then you should look more into the company’s program and compensation plan. Just remember though that success with network marketing does not come overnight. It can be lucrative and immensely fulfilling but you also have to be committed to work harder to enjoy huge financial rewards.


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