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Lucrazon Review – Fair and Balanced

lucrazonIs Lucrazon the Real Deal?

In this day and age when online business niche is hot and are likely to stay that way for a long time, setting up your own business seems like a great idea. Business start-ups are no easy feats though and starting from scratch takes more work than expected. With those needs in mind, Lucrazon was established to offer flexible solutions in the form of an integrated e-commerce platform.

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been thinking of establishing an online portal for your business, what Lucrazon offers is worth looking at. Not only can it help set you up fast but it also offers you what every network marketing opportunity promises – a chance to earn unlimited residual income and bonuses.

What is Lucrazon?

Lucrazon is a relatively new company in the network marketing industry. While a new player, its founder Alex Pitt is not a novice to the e-commerce platform on which the company’s products are centered. As the CEO and founder, Alex Pitt used his 20 years of experience in the payment industry by creating an integrated e-commerce system for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The company is based in Irvine, California and has been specializing in direct sales, network marketing, e-commerce and all sorts of retail businesses. It provides an ideal platform for those who want to start and build their own online business through the help of expert and professional e-commerce business owners.

About the Product

At the heart of Lucrazon’s product line is the goal to help aspiring entrepreneurs to start their online businesses in minutes. Instead of offering products to sell via retail, Lucrazon helps its members by offering an integrated e-commerce system which includes the following:

• Website & Shopping Cart
• ACH Processing
• Ecommerce Merchant Account
• Virtual Terminal
• Dropship Product Inventory
• Credit Card Processing

When an affiliate joins the company, one has access to flexible business solutions including unique applications and modern technologies as aforementioned above.

Become a Brand Partner

To become an affiliate (otherwise referred by Lucrazon as a “Brand Partner”), you can avail of the company’s services for $1,795 (as advertised on their website for only a limited time) including a monthly fee of $99 hereafter.

The current pricing is also advertised to be equivalent to a total value of $4,950 and the benefits, at a glance, include the following:

• Easy Store Set-up
• Easy Store Management
• Security & Stability
• Payment & Shipping
• Marketing & SEO
• Easy Order Management
• Easy Reporting

Lucrazon also offers a free trial in case affiliates wanted to test the waters first before joining the growing network.

The Compensation Plan

Though there are no products and services designed for retail, Lucrazon has a lucrative compensation plan that provides Brand Partners an unlimited income potential either through direct sales or building a personal network or by doing both.

There are several ways to earn money with Lucrazon and it includes the following:

1. Direct Sales Revenue – 20% on all personal sales
2. Group Revenue – 3% bonus on your network’s total sales volume (up to 5 tiers)
3. Multi-Channel Unit Bonus – 6% bonus on daily sales volume (given that the cap of $5,000 per day is met)
4. Monthly Web Hosting Revenue – up to 50% from direct sales
5. Daily Bonus – 10% daily profit pool for qualified affiliates
6. Merchant Processing Revenue – residual income per month for all merchant processing fees
7. Site Conversion – 100% income for custom work and 50% for direct sales
8. Ownership of E-commerce Store with Inventory – 100% income from all sales

E-Commerce Made Simple

With an integrated system to offer, Lucrazon comes complete with everything that every business owner will need in order to set-up an online business. At a glance, what you will get as a Business Partner are conveniences which include no developer needed, unlimited customization options, integrated shopping car and your very own merchant account. Not only that, but your website will also come ready to process payments hence allowing you to operate as soon as possible.

Is it a Legit Business Opportunity?

Just like many of today’s newer network marketing businesses, Lucrazon looks like it has a solid compensation plan and a set of products that can be truly useful for its Brand Partners. It is worth noting though that great products and services wouldn’t be worth a dime if you’re not willing to work hard to build your network. Again, just like with any other MLM business opportunities, growing your network is the key to unlimited income potential.

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