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Make Money From Home Online – Why It Won’t Work For You

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You Can’t Treat Your Business Like Crap (and Expect to Make Money From Home Online)

Make money online from home.  It’s such an alluring prospect.  It’s a seductive pitch isn’t it?

It was for me.

I started thinking about it way back in 2005.  But things got in the way, and I didn’t start till a year later.

How did I fare?

Well, I did rather well – and made six figures in my very first year.

You can treat this with skepticism, or you can accept it as truth.

Either way, I don’t care.  Because that’s not the point of this post.

No siree

This post is not about me – it’s about you.

It’s about you and the millions of others who each year try to make money online at home.

And never make a cracker.

Some of them will join a program and quit after a month or three, and never return to the industry again.

Back to the salt mine for them!

Others will join a program, give it a go for a month or so, then do the butterfly flit – and jump to another program.

And then another one.

After doing this for a couple of years two outcomes are typical:

  1. They’ve spent so much money on make money schemes and useless traffic programs, they’re now broke
  2. They’re convinced it’s not possible to earn money on the internet

A few of them will haunt the scam websites and spend their days commiserating with others who’ve had similar experiences to themselves.  I call that a digital pity party.  Feels ok, but what’s the point?

Are All Make Money Online Programs Scams?

So is the lack of success experienced by the vast majority of people attributable to scams, or is there something else?

Are there other issues at play here that contribute to the dismal results experienced by so many people?

Another way to look at it……

If a person joins a money making program and for example 5 percent of the affiliates make money promoting it, wouldn’t that suggest the program itself is not a scam?

Now, of course, the WAY the program was promoted may be at fault – exaggerated income claims, etc. – but the mere fact that at least some are making money suggests that the program has, at least, a semblance of legitimacy about it.

Different Ways to Make Money From Home Online

Let me put the money making affiliate programs to one side and look at another way to make money online:


A blogger is a person who makes money from his or her blog.  A blogger can generate Income by offering various services including consulting packages, membership programs, and courses.  Bloggers can also sell affiliate products from their blog or even accept advertising.

The point is that most bloggers do not usually promote make money schemes.  Instead, they do it by selling their products and services, as well as affiliate products (selling real products that people want to buy), and advertising space.

Understanding that the blogging model is a very different way to make money compared to promoting a make money scheme, would you think that a higher percentage of people would be successful in the blogging space?

If you said yes – you would be wrong.

In fact, according to the New York Times, less than 5 percent of bloggers make money.

I’ve given you two examples of ways to make money online.  One way is by promoting a make money scheme, the other by blogging and both cases end up with the same or similar success rates.

Therefore, if the failure rate is about the same, it is reasonable to surmise that the high failure rate for the first option is not in fact because the program is a scam.

It HAS to be something else……..

The Real Reasons Why People Fail (and How You Can Be a Winner)

We know that the failure rate across the board is very high.  Therefore, to blame it on a scheme and call it a scam may be well wide of the mark.  If people are making money in the program, clearly the history of success has already been established.

So by logical extension the only variable is YOU.

The reality is hard to face.  And I know that some of the hucksters out there (with an agenda) will try and say it’s not your fault and blame your lack of success in this company or that.  But the reality is that the business is often not responsible for the high failure rate because even the most upfront, honest businesses still experience massive failure rates amongst their affiliates and reps.  Even a supposedly legit and ethical affiliate marketing training business like Wealthy Affiliates has very few people (expressed as a percentage of their total membership) who are making serious money.

So let’s call a spade a spade and stop all the nonsense and state it loud – the issue is US!

And here are some reasons why so many fail to cut the mustard in their home businesses:

1). No Vision, No Plan

Most people stumble into a home business.  Their attitude seems to be more about wishful thinking than anything else.  Hence, the reason why they join programs rather than market their own products and services – they don’t want to take ultimate responsibility, because if they choose the later option, they won’t have anyone else to blame if it fails.  Tip:  Spend some time working on your goals, your vision, and your game plan.  This will help to keep you focused and impervious to distraction and temptations.

2). Short Term Thinking

Many people overestimate what they can earn in the short term but completely underestimate what they can make in the long run.  It’s a natural way of thinking, but the reality is that it takes, at least, a year to gain real traction in a business.  Yes, I made money fast, but I brought particular skills and attributes to the table that few other people possess.  Therefore, it’s better for most people to have more conservative expectations.  Tip: Play the long game – that’s where the money is.

3). Technophobes

Hey hey!  Welcome to the club!  I am not a techie guy but have still made this online thing work.  Here is how I handle the tech side of things: I do the absolute minimum necessary to make a buck.  Everything else I outsource. Tip: Focus on the simple strategies such as social media in the early stages.

4). Butterfly Syndrome

This one is related to the short-term thinking point.   Because they don’t have a long-term perspective if something doesn’t work after a month or two, they jump into something else.  I call this the Butterfly Syndrome.  Tip: Invoke the law of Vacuum – create a space for the good you desire.  Remove the mental clutter so you can focus 100% on your new venture for a year.

5). Blockages About Money and Success

I come from a working class background.  No silver spoon in the mouth for me, that’s for sure.  Over the years, I’ve had some struggles because I didn’t feel I was worthy.  This thinking held me back for years, decades in fact. Only when I confronted the problem head on did I finally start to move forward.  Tip: Declare it (don’t hide it), then deal with it.

6). Lack of Commitment

Perhaps the lack of commitment comes from the short-term thinking problem.  Or maybe it’s vice versa.  Not to worry, the point is that commitment is a crucial determiner of success.  There can be no sustainable forward movement without a serious commitment to the project at hand; namely your home business.  Tip: Lack of commitment is due to lack of belief.  So go back to your goals and work on your vision.

Make Money From Home Online – The Wrap Up

Sure there are times when some marketers will mislead you.  And it may appear they are making money at your expense, but karma will eventually punish them.  But in reality, there is only one person responsible for your success.  And that person is…


Your Turn Now…..

Have you every been involved with something that promised no work but untold riches?  Have you bought into the guaranteed passive income story?  If so, what was your result?

Leave your comments below.


Kim Willis

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About the Author Kim Willis

I've been an online marketer since 2006. During that time I've learned alot and made a full time living from month 1. I established this site to share my knowledge with you. Who knows - maybe you will change your life, just like I have.

  • Ed Kirwan

    Hi Kim, that’s a great post and clearly earmarks where the problems of failure occur.

    As we know the internet is cluttered to the rafters with tempting offers to make money online quickly and easily. It’s a nightmare for newcomers to sort the wheat from the chaff – it’s a path most marketers tread and is part of the learning curve until you see things for how they really are.

    Developing and running a business online takes hard work, time and dedication as YOU mention as opposed to the armies of less ethical marketers out there.

    One point that does get overlooked too frequently is the difference in mindset people need to adopt, particularly if they are coming from an employed situation. Generally, self-employed people KNOW that they have to take action, learn and hone new skills and keep abreast of changes in their space.

    I feel that it is harder for those coming from an employed situation where duties and tasks are part of an overall plan laid out by their bosses. That is not to say that they can’t think for themselves, it is merely that there are other skills and disciplines that need to become part of your being and daily work in order to succeed.

    Passive income in my book is eminently achievable from work done once. Having a video or written piece that ranks well in the search engines is the easiest way to do that particularly if it is linked to a recurring income product.

    At the end of the day, it IS as you say, 100% down to the individual to make their own success through hard work whatever ‘system’ or program they use.