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Matt Lloyd Scam – True or False?

matt lloyd scam

Is Matt Lloyd a Scam or the Real Deal?

He’s not yet thirty and Matt Lloyd is now making over $1,00,000 a month in his direct sales business. This makes him an obvious target for the countless, “Is Matt Lloyd a Scam?” headlines and YouTube video postings. The only article I found about Matt Lloyd scamming others was on a website that suggested that Matt was trying to scam someone by inducing them to buy a motor home…in Brooklyn, for $4,900. But Matt Lloyd internet marketer hails from Perth, Australia (he now lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

I’m sure that if you’ve been in the online MLM or direct sales industry for more than ten minutes you’re probably already familiar with Matt Lloyd and his My Online Business Empire (MOBE) lead generation system. You might even be one of his students. Here is the skinny on Matt Lloyd and MOBE.

Not a Scam

If you search for Matt Lloyd, you’ll see countless video and blog testimonials about the network marketing guru who first made his mark in the MLM industry as an affiliate for industry superstar, Jonathan Budd in 2011.  For that product launch, Matt tasted some serious success and ended up on the Leader Board for the Budd product. Up until recently Lloyd was primarily working with network marketers who wanted to achieve the kind of success he has seen through his own training program, MOBE.  However more recently he broadened his pitch so that non-network marketers will find his ideas attractive too.

Matt Lloyd Network Marketer Tools

My Online Business Empire is structured around the concept that the more leads a marketer’s website generate, the more success and more money they will make from their website. However, Lloyd takes marketers beyond lead generation to lead management and conversion. Below are some of the tips and tools students who register for MOBE are receiving:

  • Outsourcing work
  • Using a system to generate leads
  • Learning how to create multiple income streams
  • Understanding what it takes to pull off a winning marketing campaign

Cost of Membership

It’s possible that red flashing lights might appear when potential students realize they have to register for information to get pricing details but the fact that membership costs are not available on the website do not indicate that Matt Lloyd and his programs are a scam. Online testimonials state that the cost to join MOBE is not cheap but that the return on the investment can be robust. Some network marketer testimonials state that they made-up the cost of their membership within four days by earning around $2,400.

Matt Lloyd Scam Summary

It is understandable in this online age where bad guys can hide-out in the same virtual sphere as the good guys that we’re all a bit more cautious about who we trust. The stories revolving around Matt Lloyd being a scam artist are a good reminder to us all that it’s up to us to complete our due diligence as we move forward in every business endeavor and to protect our good names. In this business a good name is gold. - banner final

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  • Are you a licensee of MOBE? If so, can you provide more info about your success? $2000, when I am about to declare bankruptcy, is HUGE, so I need to know I am doing the right thing. Why have some people had so much trouble getting help from MOBE’s customer service (as I did, initially), and can only communicate with Matt through Facebook? Or don’t know who their coach or upline is? Oddly, I have been in touch with three different people, including the Team Captain (including his name, phone number and address) that I would be a part of.

    I am confused by the bad reviews I just read, worried, yet still seeing this as far and away one of the best opportunities for this I have ever seen. Basically, everything has been done for me, I just supply the traffic. However, I can’t do that until I buy the license. (I was given no other options even though other people seem to have been.) I guess the question becomes, is this “too good to be true”?

    I’d appreciate any insight you can give me to reassure me with the truth.

    Thank you.