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Online MLM Newbie Makes $21,740 After Just 2 Months

David Wood is a smart guy.  But that doesn’t mean it’s all been plain sailing.  No siree.  He tried a handful of MLM’s, starting with Amway.  After 3 years of hard slog, he moved onto Pre-Paid Legal.  That worked for a while, but got excited about Agel.  He liked the idea of a consumable product, like Amway.  Agel had something extra – it was new, and the product was hot, hot, hot.

Being the type of guy he is, David got some traction early on.  But after a while he found the drop out rate was horrendous.  People would go onto auto ship, and then 3 months later they’d quit, or because their credit card was maxed out, the payment would be declined.

Apart from anything else, David was getting a bit sick of using the standard MLM lead generation methods – make a list, call everyone on the list, approach people anywhere, anytime etc etc.  In short, David was ‘over it’.  There must be a better way.  But what was it?  He saw the growth of the internet – who could miss that? – and wondered if there was  a way to plug into some of the massive online traffic volumes.

A few months ago, David stumbled across a ‘lead funnel system’ that not only offered the potential to deliver highly qualified prospects straight into his email in-box every day, but it also offered an automated way to create additional income streams whilst he’s building his primary MLM  program.

So David joined the program, and within a month it started to work – BIG TIME.  In fact, by the end of his second month he was generating more than 40 leads a day, getting daily sign ups to his primary MLM  program, AND making additional income from affiliate product sales.  And it was one of those additional sources that produced a sensational add on  income of $21,740 in September.  He’s not long received his commission check from those affiliate sales.

Here it is:

David Woods - Affiliate cheque

Please note that this check represents just one payment source.  He also reveived great payments from other affiliate products, additional to the quickly growing income stream from his primary MLM.

By the way, he did not embrace this ‘lead funnel’ system to make affiliate commissions on the side.  His primary motivation was to find a smarter way of attracting lots of people to his primary MLM  program.  Any income sourced from affiliate programs would be nice, but not the main game.  But look at what happened!

And, yes, his primary MLM program is doing great too.  I mean, if you were signing up a person a day into YOUR program, wouldn’t you be happy?  Of course.

Can this lead funnel system transform your business?

Take it for a test drive for a $1, and find out for yourself. Read on………

Gangbuster Lead System –

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No matter what program you currently promote, one thing is certain – you’re going to need lots of quality leads to grow your business.  Take our ‘lead funnel ‘ system for a $1 test drive, and learn exactly how David and others are attracting lots of great prospects – who beat a path to their door.

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