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Struggling Online Marketer? Simple Online Success Master Class

SOS Pro Master Class – Group Coaching Program (The Smart Way to Prosper Online)

Is This You?

  • Network marketer
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Big ticket (top tier) marketer
  • Coach or trainer
  • A Brand (the business revolves around you)

Either way, you want the internet to attract and convert leads into income.

So if you’re struggling to make money online, I have an idea for you.  It’s a way to get the results you want without it costing an arm and a leg. One of the reasons why many people fail is because they have no idea what they’re doing.

They follow gurus who promise them this and that. They flit around from one idea to another, like a butterfly. Or they persist with one strategy, despite the obvious fact they’re not making any money.  I call these people slugs.

Whether you’re a butterfly or a slug one thing is clear. You’re not making money, and you want to do something about it. Like yesterday

Here’s something else I’ve noticed.

Most struggling marketers find it hard to implement. One of the reasons is they’re confused and overloaded mentally. Another is they don’t have a community to support them. So, implementation can be hard.

But there is also another reason why marketers fail to make money.

They’re learning the wrong things.

I’ve lost count of the number of people I know who were going down one pathway, only to realize six months later that it was more like a dead end.  So here’s what it’s about:

Generating quality leads and converting them.

Simple as that.

A key point: all the traffic and leads in the world won’t amount to a hill ‘o beans if they don’t convert.

To become great at conversion you need two things working in your favor.

Authority and Communication Skills

First up is Authority

In this era of skepticism and lack of trust, authority is vital.  And the more authority you have, the more sales you’ll make.  Simple as that.

Here is the other conversion ingredient.

Mastering the Art of Directed Communication.

Effective communication manifests in various ways – text, video, audio, phone, face to face. Whatever.  One thing is sure: if you’re not on top of the communication game, you’re toast.

So can I help you solve these problems, once and for all?

You do it with my new program – SOS Pro (Simple Online Success).  When you join, you’ll have access to my IM For Fun learning platform, plus access to an exclusive SOS Pro community to support you.

So  you’ll have access to great information on different traffic and lead generation strategies.  But I’ll also be going deeper on topics like messaging, content creation, authority building and communication skills.

Yes, this is a learning program.  But it’s also a doing program.

But most people get overwhelmed with all the information.  They need a way to cut through the clutter so they can get into action – FAST.

Here’ s what made a big difference and helped me make almost 5 figures in my first month.

I had a coach.

But one on one coaching is expensive.  For instance, one of my coaching packages sells for $10,000.


So here’s what I’ve done.

I’ve created a group coaching program.  Here is how it works:

We learn in groups.  And I, or one of my marketing experts, will be your coach.

And this is the good news.  Because we’re learning in groups, I’ve made it affordable for virtually everyone.  So, let me show you how it works.

There are five elements to the program:

1). Coaching

2). Community

3). Accountability

4). Training Resources

5). Tools

Take a look:


Coaching works on the basis that there is an interaction between student and teacher.   While one on one coaching can be very potent, it is expensive.  But by working in a group coaching environment, you can gain access to a coach for a fraction of the cost.

So, I include a live monthly webinar, on topics that will help you either generate more traffic and leads or convert them into sales.  You can ask questions and get them answered.

Further, on some of the webinars, there will be a live clinic – watch as we show you how we do things behind the scenes.  And yes, each webinar will be recorded and loaded into your membership site.

Here is another way we do the group coaching.  It’s called Ask the Marketer.  You’ll be able to ask questions in the group, and they will be answered by me, or another successful marketer.

And what about this? Group Chats.   

I run regular private Group Chat Clinics.  They’re small, intimate, and very helpful.  Sometimes we have themed topics, other times I throw it open to participants who have a problem and want it solved.  You will learn a lot with the Group Chat Clinic program.


sos Pro




When you join, you’ll also have access to my SOS Pro community.  It’s an exclusive and secret Facebook group, called SOS Pro Master Class.  It’s different to my Free SOS Group for many reasons.  Here is one of them:

First up, because this is a paid program commitment levels are higher.  Therefore it will be easier for you to develop mutually beneficial relationships with other members.

Another point: Content posting by members is tightly controlled.  So, frivolous ‘off topic’ content never sees the light of day.  The content posting strategy for this group is simple:

Quality NOT Quantity.


One of the big problems marketers face is due to lack of implementation.  One of the best ways to overcome the problem is though accountability partnering.  So, to give you a helping hand I include an accountability feature.  It’s called the 7 Day Accountability Challenge.  And we run them once a month.

It’s a great way to test yourself and establish you as a person on the move, to other members.  It’s about accountability – you being accountable to us, and vice versa.  Plus you’ll get access to a community of generous, like-minded home biz folk who love to help.  We encourage Accountability Partnering.


internet marketing for fun

You will learn in a number of ways.  Firstly, you will learn by reviewing the training modules and lessons in my IM For Fun membership site.  When you join you will have 24/7 access with your own unique password.

New content is being added regularly in the form of recordings of live webinars, or stand alone video training modules and lessons. Plus, you also get access to several of my popular mini-courses such as $10k a Month Formula and Instant Info Product Course.

This becomes your learning foundation.  But there are two other ways you will learn.

One of them is with the monthly interactive webinars.  And yes, each webinar will be recorded and loaded into your membership site.

Another is via my secret Facebook Group (see below, Community).  You can ask questions and get helpful answers.

So here are the current ‘assets’ in the IM For Fun Membership Site:

  • Webinar Recordings. Eight recordings, and counting.   Value: $300
  • $10k a Month Formula. From zero to $10k a month  Value: $98
  • Instant Info Product. Create an info product in less than a day  Value: $77
  • Email Mojo. Best performing emails with commentaries.   Value: $60
  • SOS Lessons. Six lessons on Facebook & Twitter marketing.  Value: $60
  • Platinum Wealth Academy.   Value: $595

Total Value:  $1,190

5). TOOLS (Resources)

I’m also including a couple of cool tools.

One is called my Copy and Paste Swipe Files.  I’ll be giving you all the scripts that I used when generating leads on Facebook and Twitter.  The exact words I use when chatting to prospects are in these swipe files.  Do you want to know how answer objections?  It’s in the swipe files.  You want to know how to turn the tables on spammers and have them become a lead for you?  It’s in the swipe files.  You want to know how to open a conversation and build desire?  It’s in the swipe files.  Value:  $120

The other resource is called Copy and Paste Success Quotes.  A key aspect of our social media strategy is to post motivational quotes to your wall.  But researching quotes is very time-consuming.  Because I’ve done all the research, I’m saving you a mountain of time.  So I’m giving you my personal files.  Ther’s over 200 success quotes.  Simply copy and paste them into the posting box, and you’re done.   Value:  $90

Here Is What You’ll Learn Over the Next 12 Months When You Join the SOS Pro Program:

  • How to write the perfect Facebook promotional post, and get immediate leads.
  • How to create your positioning document that positions you as someone who is worth doing business with.
  • How to create a lead magnet ‘free report offer’ that generates inbound leads over and over again.
  • How to write and structure a blog post that gives you instant authority.
  • How to craft a personal FB messaging sequence, blueprint it, and use it over and over.
  • How to generate leads from other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.
  • How to communicate with people by phone or Skype and have them ask you to buy or join your team.
  • How to use ‘The Takeaway’ to enhance your posture and have people almost begging to join your business or buy your product.
  • How to craft a newspaper ad that gets you more leads. Yes, this stuff even works in the offline world.
  • How to create a video sales proposal using PowerPoint, combined with effective voiceover and persuasive messaging techniques.
  • How to overcome your fear and do direct to cam videos that generate more leads from hot prospects.
  • How to use Facebook Live and position you as the go-to person in your niche.
  • How to create an authority building info product in 1 day or less.
  • How to significantly improve your listening skills so you ‘hear’ what isn’t being said.


Summary of Monthly Inclusions For SOS Pro

So let’s look at the Summary.


  • LIVE Webinar (monthly)  Value: $100
  • Ask the Marketer (in the SOS Pro Facebook Group)    Value: $50
  • Group Chats.  Run regularly every month  Value: $100


  • Seven Day Accountability Challenge.  Run monthly  Value: $50


  •  Access to Secret SOS Pro Facebook Group (or its equivalent).  Value: Priceless

That’s a Total of $500 Value Per Month!

PLUS These Existing Assets


  • IM For Fun Membership Site.  Packed with training resources.  Value: $1,190


  •  Copy and Paste. Personal Messaging Swipe Files  Value: $120
  • Copy and Paste.  Over 200 ‘hand picked’ success quotes  Value: $90

That’s a Total of $1,400 Value!

But you won’t pay $500 a month for this group coaching program.

Look, your finances may be tight.

So here’s the deal.

Initially, I set the access price at $695USD.  A bargain for sure.  But I didn’t want the price to be an impediment for you.  At this point, my primary motivation is to help you finally get the result I know you want and deserve.  I also want your testimonial.

So let’s do this thing.

To get access to the IM For Fun site including the SOS Pro community, and the tools you will pay just $57, plus $19.95 a month (for continuing access)

Making it a total of $76.95 to pay now.   But next month you will only pay $19.95.

I see this as a 12-month program minimum, but I haven’t locked you into any contracts.  You can cancel your monthly subs at any time (no refunds on what you’ve paid to date, though).  So Enroll now and lock in your low, low price.

And don’t forget you get ALL the current assets in my IM For Fun membership site.  But more than this.  You will also get all the new additions each month you remain a member.

Here is another benefit.  You’ll be locked at the current price for life.

Fortune favors the brave and the bold.  So enroll now before I increase the price.



For 2017, I’ll be launching a series of new training webinars called:

Adventures With Words

To crush it in your business you have to master the communication game. It would be easy to tell you that you don’t need it – just push a button here, buy some traffic there and PRESTO! Dollars will rain from the skies.  But I’m hoping you’ve moved beyond believing in unicorns and pixies in the garden.  You’re now ready to hone and refine your skills in this craft that we call marketing.

That’s why I am launching a new multi-part webinar training series.  It’s called Adventures With Words.

You can use words in many different ways. You can use them to educate, motivate and persuade. Topics covered will include the following:

1. Why Words Are Important.

2. Potent Words to Use When Creating Text-Based Content.

3. How to Use Words to Educate.

4. How to Use Words to Boost Your Credibility and Authority.

5. How to Use Words to Persuade On the Phone

6. How to Use Words in Headlines For Sales Copy

7. How to Use Words in Sales Copy

8. How to become super productive at text-based messaging.  Yes, even if you have a limited vocabulary, can’t spell, and are hopeless at grammar (like me!)

When you join SOS Pro, you’ll be included and have full access to this landmark series.

Big Ticket Bonanza

I’ve personally sold millions of dollars of products and services, both offline and online.  Some of the packages sold for more than $60,000.  So you could say I know a thing or two about big ticket marketing.  That’s why I decided to develop a significant new training series. It’s  called Big Ticket Bonanza. Each lesson will build on the last.  And each lesson will be practical, actionable, and easy to understand.

The good news for you is that I will include this new series in SOS Pro without costing a cent more.  (Note: I will charge a pretty penny for this course as a standalone in the future – so jump on it now.)

If you’re selling higher priced products or services (or wanting to get into the big ticket game), you must join SOS Pro.

Awesome News!

As a member of SOS Pro you will get both of the above courses for no extra outlay.


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I've been an online marketer since 2006. During that time I've learned alot and made a full time living from month 1. I established this site to share my knowledge with you. Who knows - maybe you will change your life, just like I have.