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Teaching People How to Make Money by Teaching People How to……

teaching people how to make money

Teaching People How to Make Money by Teaching People How to……

Heard that before?
From time to time I get this comment:
“All you’re doing is teaching people how to make money by teaching people how to make money, it’s ridiculous.It’s appalling”
The reference is regarding the make money online niche – teaching people how to do it.
Usually (always?) it comes from someone who has never made a cent online.  But they like to set themselves up as arbiters of virtue –sitting on the sidelines sniping away at people like me who actually do make money in this niche.  (Consistently and large amounts of it usually.)
So lets dissect the comment a bit.
First up I make no apology for being in this niche (btw, the mmo niche is one of three that I am in)
It’s a great niche.
It’s cutting edge
It’s pioneering
Internet marketers create trends, and intel from those trends is dispersed far and wide to non internet marketers.  Look at the way old style local businesses are now embracing techniques and strategies pioneered by this industry.
(Example: having a web site that captures leads by using an opt in box, is a technique pioneered by the IM crowd.)
Whilst the techie crowd created mega platforms like Google and Facebook, it is internet Marketers who make them work in the early stages.  Without affiliate marketers Google Adwords would not have taken off like a rocket.  Same comments apply to Facebook.
We’re the ones who will give new platforms a go – we don’t hold back nor do we cower in the corner waiting for someone else to do it.  We are ‘someone else’ and we put our own dollars on the line on a regular basis.
Not only will we try new things we also work our butts off to perfect new techniques and strategies.
Then we teach others how to do likewise, which in turn exponentially expands collective knowledge and skills.
Gotta be a good thing right?
And here’s the thing……
Any of the skills we learn are transferable to any other niche.  So if for instance you own a traditional main street kind of business, and you buy a ‘how to’ kind of internet marketing course from someone like me, you’ll be able to apply much of what you learn to your business, no problem.
Affiliate marketers spawned cutting edge capture page platforms like Lead Pages.  They also created the need and demand for sales funnel platforms like Click Funnels which now makes it easy for any kind of business owner to create their own sales funnels.
Even old style trades type businesses are doing it now, thanks to affiliate marketers in the make money online niche.
So we are pioneers and if you are considering entering this industry, be proud and be loud about it!  Hold your head up high and forget about the naysayers and the critics.  (Critics are a bit like a cricket – they make a lot of noise but they don’t do much)
So my advice to you is this:
Focus on the internet marketing/make money online niche for a year or two.  Learn and earn.  Then, leverage your newly found knowledge into other niches (for example with your newly found skills you could help old style local businesses leverage the internet (in return for some fat fees, or even a share of profits).
A great way to go.
A great training and proving ground for you.
There’s none better
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2 thoughts on “Teaching People How to Make Money by Teaching People How to……”

  1. Hey Kim,
    I agree, there are a lot of people out there teaching others how to make money who aren’t making money themselves. I know for a fact though that a lot of them are being taught to do this so shame on those people for teaching this. Shame on those for thinking they have the right!
    I know why some people would be leery of buying something teaching this though because they could have been burned before and let’s face it. Checks and accounts can be altered using PhotoShop.
    I think if people are talking about you and you’re being interviewed perhaps then that would be someone I would prefer learning from then someone who I see doesn’t have a lot going on on their site or I don’t see them all over the internet.
    You’ve got to take chances though, you have to get out there, you have to spend money to make money and that’s the only way this will work. Learn from someone though who is where you want to be.
    Thanks for this message Kim and good luck to everyone.

    • Another thoughtful response Adrienne!
      Most people don’t make money in the Make Money Online space. Same comments apply to mlm and other make money programs – even blogging! ha ha
      I’ve been in the MMO space for a long time (although am now in the process of moving away from it). To this day I am amazed at the lack of work ethic and commitment on the part of people who join these programs.
      It’s depressing at times! Nevertheless we press on and try and make sense of it all.
      I guess the main thing is to stay true to yourself and do the right thing by people.
      Thanks Adrienne!


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