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Toby and Layla Jump Ship – Joins Visalus

toby_and_Layla_visalusWell after much hype and build up, the cat is finally out of the bag.  Crazy duo Toby and Layla Black (nee Staats)  have quit My Video Talks and joined hyper growth mlm, Visalus.

Over the last week or two these guys have teased their growing audience in a totally shameless way with a build up of epic proportions.

This week they finally revealed all.  Visalus was going to be the THE ONE.

And good luck to them

Reasons for shifting were many including:

1. Emotional product.

2. Consumable product

3. Tangible product

But the real reason they made the change was to do with the fact that Toby and Layla believed that this was the vehicle that was going to take them to the magical $1 million a year mark in earnings.  And they’re probably right.

I never had much faith in these techie mlm’s (such as MVT) as they don’t resonate with a broad audience.

Toby and Layla are great teachers – they have an innate ability to get people excited and because of this have built a large following.    They are masters at promoting products and biz opps, although it has to be said that their hypey style can raise expectations to unrealistic levels.  Lets face it, these guys are not ordinary people, and to think that an average person can emulate them is fanciful.

But hats off to this happy duo.  They put a smile on my face, and add value in many ways.




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