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A Day in the Life of a Home Business Marketer

From time to time I get prospects asking me about a typical day as a work from home marketer.  So I tell them.  I like a bit of routine, so most ‘work days’ follow the same pattern. I call it the ‘rhythm of the day’.  Each day I like to quickly get some rhythm flowing […]

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I Survived the Wilds of Malaysia (and the Downside of the Laptop Lifestyle)

Had something funny happen to me late last week. I totally stuffed up – once again – the hotel booking. I was looking for somewhere to stay for a short visit to Malaysia – my base was Singapore.   Thought it would be a good idea to take the short bus trip from Singapore to the Malaysian […]

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Laptop Lifestyle and Pay Vacations

After speaking to one of my new affiliates yesterday I started thinking. I told him I was about to embark on another laptop lifestyle adventure – I hop on a plane on Thursday. He asked me when I would return, and I answered ‘in a couple of weeks’.  I could instantly feel his concern. ‘So you mean […]

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Good Morning Vietnam (or should I say ‘what the hell is this?’)

Crazy Saigon Brothel Story  Talk about going from the sublime to the freaking ridiculous…. Yesterday my sons and I arrived at Ho Chi Min City (Saigon) airport from the gorgeous Singapore. It’s been an interesting experience thus far – to say the least.   To start with, it took us more than an hour to get a […]

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Bull Frog Porridge? I’ll Pass

If you’ve travelled a little or a lot one thing you’ll know is that diferent regions and countries have diferent preferences regarding food.  Recently I visited Singapore (was on a business trip).  To say that Singapore is a foodies paradise is an understatement.  From the ultra cheap -try $2 – 3 for a delcious lunch […]

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Yikes. 72 year Old Says Secret to His Success Is…….SEX!

Had a funny experience when in Singapore last week I was standing at the pedestrian crossing waiting for the ‘Walk’ sign. A sprightly Indian gentleman sidled up beside me. He wanted to talk. And talk he did. As the walk sign appeared we crossed the road, then into the nearby shopping centre.  All the while […]

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Li Cunxin: Mao’s Last Dancer on Passion and Courage

Read an interesting story in the Australian Financial Review recently.  They profiled a number of successful people, one of whom was Li Cunxin.  Li is the author of the best selling book, “Mao’s Last Dancer”. Li’s story  is fascinating.  Firstly, escaping poverty in rural China to become a top ballet dancer.  Becoming principal dancer for […]

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Time to be thankful, and the kindness of strangers

This post has nothing to do with affiliate marketing, network marketing, or making money. It’s far more important than that. (Sometimes I get sick of all the hype and nonsense, particularly relating to the latest ‘hot new product launch’  and the like.  In the overall scheme of things it’s not important.) A week ago my […]

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