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What Dr Ben Carson Taught Me About Imagination and Dreams

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Even if you don’t live in the USA, if you’re a reasonably well-informed person you should have heard of Dr. Ben Carson.  But just in case he has slipped under your radar, let me give you the short story.

Currently, Ben Carson is a contender for the Republican nomination for the presidential race.  He is polling well and now stands in the number 2 position second only to the loud mouth front runner, Donald Trump.

Dr. Carson made his name as a talented and highly successful neurosurgeon running a big team at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  He first came to prominence when he and his team separated conjoined twins.  Since retiring in 2013 he has taken an interest in politics and announced in 2015 that we would be a contender for the Republican presidential candidacy.

He is also a best-selling author and a popular public speaker.

Today Dr. Carson is a rich man with earnings of between $8.9 million and $27 million from January 2014 to May 3, 2015.

But things started out far more modestly.

Ben Carson was born into a poor family situation in 1951 in Detroit, Michigan.  After discovering that her husband was a bigamist, his mother raised Ben and his younger mother single-handedly.  Despite the fact his mother was uneducated she became his biggest influence and inspiration.  Young Ben was not a good student, in fact in the early years he was relegated to the bottom of his class, and incurred many put-downs from his classmates.

Not happy with this his mother made some changes that proved to be pivotal for Ben’s progress.  Firstly she limited her sons watching tv.  Another big change was that she insisted that Ben and his brother read two library books a week, and would not allow them to go outside and play till they finished their homework.  These initiatives had a galvanising effect on her wayward son.

Now that Ben was doing a lot of daily reading he developed a passion for learning.  He also discovered he had a fertile imagination and at various times could ‘see’ himself as a central character in many of the books he was reading.

Because of his extensive knowledge on a variety of topics after just 12 months of this regimen, he was catapulted from bottom of his class to the top.  His teachers and fellow students were astounded.

Dreaming Your Way to Reality

Ben Carson continued to maintain his discipline and kept reading, imagining and dreaming.  He dreamt of becoming a top doctor and lo and behold he did.  He dreamt of becoming a best selling author and he got that one too 9read his acclaimed book, Gifted Hands). He is now dreaming of becoming the President of the United States.  Will he make it?  Probably not but with the power of dreams anything can happen.

I’ve been following Ben Carson for years but now that his public profile is higher, I think it’s appropriate to look again at his example.

Having a vivid imagination combined with the ability to dream and ‘see’ yourself in possession of the result before you have it, is profoundly powerful.

To take a quantum leap forward does this mean you have to read two books a week?  Probably not.  But what it does mean is that all of us need to infuse our thinking with positive external influences.  These could take the form of books, instructional videos, articles, seminars, webinars, masterminds, forums, and mentoring relationships. Whatever gets your juices going basically.

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